We turned 15!

This February, we celebrated 15 years of creating language software you’d love, and we could not have reached this milestone without you. Watch the video we made to thank you and check out some of our favorite moments on the timeline below.

Our Milestones
You helped us reach 15 years, and we could not be happier about it. So let’s dial the time machine all the way back to the beginning and review some of our best moments.

Our founder, Jeff Ondich, was enjoying the sporadically peaceful life of a computer science professor when a friend asked Jeff to help develop a small electronic French-English dictionary called “Le Franglophile.” The rest was history.

We sold our first French-English dictionary and said ¡Hola! to our first Spanish-English and German-English dictionaries for Mac and Windows.

We made it official and became Ultralingua Incorporated!

We kept ourselves busy building up and perfecting our products. We launched French-English Medical, French-Spanish, French-Italian, French-German and Italian-English in the span of 8 months.

Our team expanded to a whopping three employees!

Bill Upham joined the team as project manager.

Shaun Reynolds, now our senior software developer, became an Ultralingua employee. We also launched Ultralingua Mobile, and released our first iPhone apps -- the first dictionaries ever available in the App Store. Later in the year we updated the apps with fancy “new” features like back/forward buttons.

We boldly went “where no man has gone before” with the launch of our first Klingon dictionary. Our team expanded to seven employees that year, and we later added our first ever Asian language to the mix.

In response to Haiti’s devastating earthquake, we created a Haitian Medical Reference Guide to assist medical professionals in communicating with their Haitian-Creole speaking patients. We also released our first iPad apps that spring.


We renewed our focus to creating high quality mobile apps, starting things off by launching our first app for Windows Phone. In December, we released our French-English dictionary in the Mac App Store, as well as our Apps for Aid program to bring our high quality apps to people who need them most.

After 15 years we’ve created bigger and better products than we ever thought possible. Now we are moving forward at full speed with some pretty exciting updates and new products. We hope you will support us for another fun 15 years of reliable language software creation. Thank you!