Ultralingua Dictionary
for iPhone and iPad

1.5 for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad
Configuration requise
  • OS 3.2+
  • 22 MB Free disk space
Ultralingua Dictionary for iPhone and iPad
Ultralingua Dictionary for iOS

All-in-one search

We re-imagined Ultralingua for iOS around a simple concept: a single, versatile search field that could handle anything.

So go ahead and try to stump it! The search field can handle:

  • Misspelled words
  • Any verb form (including irregular conjugations)
  • Entries in either language
  • Related words
  • Example phrases, idioms, and other usage notes

You can even type numbers into the search box to see them returned as text in your languages.

Ultralingua Dictionary for iOS

Verb conjugations

Tap the button that comes along with the dictionary entry for each verb to view all its possible conjugations. You don't need any separate tools, apps or charts for verb conjugation, and the definition or translation is always close at hand.

View the translation with each conjugation, which makes understanding which tense you need much easier.

Ultralingua Dictionary for iOS


You asked for it, and we made it happen. In the new Ultralingua you can store unlimited favorites to return to later.

In the dictionary:

  • Tap the star next to a dictionary entry to favorite it
  • Easily recognize favorites marked by the star flag

View your favorites:

  • Choose to view favorites in the current dictionary or all languages
  • Tap the search icon to view the term in the dictionary again
  • Conjugate verbs from the favorites list

In addition to favorites, any entry you search for is also added to your history list for quick reference. Our dictionaries are big, but between advanced search and favorites you'll find what you need quickly.

Ultralingua Dictionary for iOS

Make it yours

We added a few special touches to the new Ultralingua so you could make it your own.

  • Five beautiful fonts to choose from and almost unlimited size options
  • Change your interface settings to view the display in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or German
  • Add favorites, even in the sample dictionaries, so your favorite words are easy to find
  • Take it anywhere you go with no internet connection required

Ultralingua Dictionary for iOS

Free to try

We wanted trying Ultralingua for iPhone and iPad to be easy, so we made it free.

Download the app from iTunes, try the samples (the letter "m" from each dictionary), and then unlock the dictionary of your choice from the in-app store to use the whole thing.

Choose from any of the following dictionaries:

  • English Dictionary
  • French Dictionary
  • French-English Dictionary
  • Spanish-English Dictionary
  • German-English Dictionary
  • Italian-English Dictionary
  • Portuguese-English Dictionary
  • Esperanto-English Dictionary
  • French-Spanish Dictionary
  • French-Italian Dictionary
  • French-German Dictionary
  • Spanish-German Dictionary
  • Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary
  • German-Italian Dictionary
  • French-Portuguese Dictionary
  • Italian-Portuguese Dictionary
  • Spanish-Italian Dictionary