for Mac App Store

7.3 for Mac
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.7+ (Lion and above)
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 30 MB Free Disk Space
Ultralingua Dictionary for Mac App Store
Choose your dictionary

Choose your dictionary

To keep it simple on the Mac App Store, we built all of our dictionary options into a single application.

Simply download Ultralingua and choose your dictionary on first launch. You'll get all your favorite dictionary content, and if you want to purchase additional dictionaries, you can do so at a discount using the in-app store.

No matter which dictionary you pick, you will get every translation you need with parts of speech, pronunciation, usage examples, related phrases, and more.

Ultralingua Language Flashcards


We built study tools right into the dictionary.

  • Easily create your flashcards with the words you need.
  • Organize them into sets by topic and color.
  • Choose your own definition or let the auto-translation complete it for you.
  • When you are ready to study, choose how many flashcards you see, what order they appear, the speed you view them, and which side you view first.
  • Keep your flashcards for all of your dictionaries as long as you need them, and edit or delete them when you wish.

Improving your vocabulary and memory have never been easier.

Ultralingua Verb Conjugation

Verb conjugations

The verb conjugator is simple to use, for beginning language learners and experienced speakers alike.

Just type in the beginning of the word and the conjugator will suggest verb possibilities. From there it is just a click to the tense you desire. Any verb, any form. You can access conjugations for all the regular and irregular verbs in any dictionary.

Once you find the verb you want you can switch easily between all standard tenses. Discover the verb's common uses at the bottom of the screen, and get detailed definitions in the dictionary.

Language Reference Guides

Grammar, numbers, and more

Use the grammar reference guides that come with your dictionary to find answers to common language questions. They cover dozens of topics: gender, articles, irregulars, tenses, word choices, and more.

Learning how to write and pronounce numbers is something all beginners struggle with, so we include a separate tool in this app to make it easier. Type numbers into the search field and Ultralingua returns the written form.