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VOLUME 14, NEWSLETTER 11 November 2012
Cyber Monday Sale
Version 1.5.2
New iPad Mini
Super Search
Tools to Try: GamesForLanugage
Ultralingua in Action: Dr. Bernard Seguin
Ultralingua in Action: Hugh McElroy
Featured Language: German
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Sci-Fi Translation

Communicating across language barriers is hard enough already; what happens when you leave the boundaries not just of your country, but your planet? Your galaxy? Science fiction has come up with a lot of answers. For instance, Star Wars keeps it simple with multilingual interpreters, but there are more complicated ideas, such as the universal translators on Star Trek, or the TARDIS's psychic field in Doctor Who. For now, we're pretty focused on Earth-based languages (the Klingon dictionary is a notable exception!), but tell us: what other alien dictionaries would you like to try? Which sci-fi translation solution do you think is best?


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Cyber Monday Madness - Our Biggest Sale, Nov. 25-26

It's that time again -- the internet's favorite holiday is almost here! Are you ready for Cyber Monday? November 25th-26th, our biggest sale of the year, is the perfect chance to pick up whichever Ultralingua products you've been putting off or saving up for, or to get on top of your gift-giving game early in the season and share Ultralingua with another language lover.

If you have Ultralingua for Mac or Windows but you want a more mobile dictionary, Ultralingua for iOS apps will be 20-25% off, with discounts on both the dictionaries in the new Ultralingua Dictionary app and our original, stand-alone apps.

If you already have an Ultralingua app on your iPhone or iPad, but want more features like flashcards or references, Ultralingua for Mac and Windows will be 25% off.

If you want to be able to use Ultralingua anywhere you have an internet connection, even if you don't have your phone or your own computer, the Pro Account to our Ultralingua Online Dictionary will be on sale for only $10 -- that's 66% off the regular $29.95 price.

Cyber Monday is also a great opportunity to Give Ultralingua, and share the language tools you love with someone special. Whether you need a gift for the Francophile or the Trekkie in your life, we have something for everyone.

We wanted to clue you in ahead of time so that you can be ready when the big day hits on November 25th-26th, but we have even more discounts and offers in the works for you! Keep an eye on the blog and the website, as well as Facebook and Twitter, for updates and other great sale opportunities headed your way in the next few weeks.

Update: Version 1.5.2 Now Available

We've been looking forward to the release of our update on our original series of iOS apps, and now it's here! We've updated the copy and paste feature, and have given you two options for copying entire dictionary entries.

We put off updating the apps for the iPhone 5's new screen size so that they will still run on older devices such as the first two generations of the iPhone and iPod touch. Check out this post for more information on the 1.5.2 update, and we'll keep in touch about future ones. In the meantime, copy and paste to your heart's content!

If you want to share the new updated version of the apps you love with someone else, the Cyber Monday sale is the perfect time to Give Ultralingua. Or, if you love the update but want more features and versatility, download the new Ultralingua Dictionary app and try it out for free.

Presenting: the iPad Mini

Our office has been abuzz with the news about Apple's fresh product releases, especially the much-anticipated iPad mini. Small enough to fit in one hand and with all the capabilities of a regular-sized tablet, we think it's pretty cool. If you want more than just our opinion, we gathered up other articles and reviews to guide your tablet investigation.

With tablet sales on the rise -- one third of Apple's smart devices now sold are tablets -- we're looking forward to seeing how this slick little device will shake things up, especially with the swift approach of the holiday season. Of course, we're also eager to see how our apps look on the new iPad mini, as well as the new iMac and Retina display devices! We're sure that our tools and the new Apple releases will be great companions.

Spotlight: Super Search

We recently took some time to feature one of the best things about our new Ultralingua Dictionary app: our favorite superhero, the search function. It packs an improved version of the search-as-you-type feature in all our apps, along with other smart tricks, such as searching both sides of our two-language dictionaries, automatically looking up related phrases, and directly translating typed numbers rather than requiring a separate tool.

That's not all, though! Want to know what else our search bar can do? Check out our post about it, or download the app and try it out for yourself.

Tools to Try: GamesForLanugage

If you saw some of yourself in the Omniglot blog's lazy language learning piece, then you're in luck: if what you need to learn new things is to "make it fun," then games are a great way to go about it. That's why we were happy to highlight GamesForLanguage, a program of interrelated games and language activities that make language learning a race, a competition, a puzzle -- anything but a chore.

Developed by two multilingual Austrians (a Harvard PhD and a professional consultant/engineer), GamesForLanguage is based on dialogues that tell a travel story, and prompt you to practice all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Try out GamesForLanguage's free demos for German, Italian, Spanish, or French, or buy a 3-month subscription and play away.

Dr. Bernard Seguin - Speaks Nine Languages!

Physician and language lover Dr. Bernard Seguin was kind enough to share his Ultralingua story with us recently. A long-time Ultralingua user who has worked with our products since the early Palm apps, Dr. Seguin has had many opportunities to learn different languages, from growing up as a French speaker in English-speaking Ottowa, Canada, to his current study of Arabic.

Dr. Seguin is an inspiration to those of us who may only speak one or two languages -- he speaks nine! "The second language is always harder to learn," he tells us, but "it becomes easier with the subsequent ones because one starts to recognize patterns that differ from English."

He uses both the regular and medical French-English dictionaries (plus the Haitian medical), as well as Latin, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese-English dictionaries on his iPhone. What does he love about Ultralingua? He says, "The ability to switch from one language to another at the tap of an icon makes it a lot faster than using a book, and I have a whole library of dictionaries in my pocket, available anytime."

To read more about where Dr. Bernard Seguin's language and medical skills meet, check out the full interview. You'll also find more tips and anecdotes from Dr. Seguin's language learning adventures (hint: if you're traveling in the USSR in 1987, speak Russian).

Hugh McElroy - Communicating With Kids in Need

One of our most recent featuers on the blog is an article on Ultralingua user Hugh McElroy, who has spent the last thirteen years traveling between St. Paul, Minnesota (just across the Mississippi River from the Ultralingua offices!) and Latin America. After his first trip, he decided to go back for more, and in a big way.

"I liked the Antigua Guatemala area," he says, "and in 2001 decided to spend three months there studying Spanish; my first Spanish lessons ever, starting at the age of sixty." But after visiting a Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, or "our little brothers and sisters") orphanage a few miles from where he was staying, he didn't just want to learn Spanish -- he wanted to make a difference.

Now Hugh serves on the board of directors for Friends of the Orphans, a local charity whose efforts support the needs of the children in NPH homes, and he spends four to five months of every year staying in NPH homes around Latin America and the Caribbean. Hugh also sponsors six kids as his godchildren. When he wants to write them letters or to get in touch with other adults at NPH, he uses Ultralingua, keeping our Spanish-English and Collins Pro Spanish-English dictionaries open on his desktop while he writes.

"Because I started studying Spanish so late in my life, I am pretty good," Hugh tells us, "but far from fluent, which is where Ultralingua comes in. It is indispensable for my work."

Learn more about Hugh's valuable work and how he uses language by reading the full story.

Featured Language: German

We've been lucky to have a lot of fun information and great writing about the German language making its way to us lately. This month, we shared guest post from our German languages specialist, Jeremy Bergerson, and a piece about family language learning abroad.

Jeremy's piece was full of interesting and little-known information about German's position and popularity around the globe, including the fact that with 95 million native speakers, it is the most widely spoken native language in Europe. Check out the rest of Jeremy's post on the blog to learn where you can find people speaking Afrikaans-inflected German, or why the same kind of German is spoken in both North American (including our home state, Minnesota) and Paraguay.

We also featured another post about German related to our beloved band of language specialists: an insightful piece from Latin guru Rob Hardy's sister, Ruth. She writes about her experience moving her family to Germany, and what the adjustment to a new language and a new culture was like for her and her children. Hoping that more kids in the U.S. get the opportunity to learn a second language at home, Ruth writes,

I want all kids to be able to experience the magic of communicating in a language that is not their own, and if they work really hard, to make this language feel like their own.

If you're interested in German or Germanic languages, you can also have a look at these posts, and keep an eye on the blog for other interviews and guest posts with German experts and speakers. Tell us about why you love German, or if you're interested in learning it, we can help!

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