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VOLUME 11, NEWSLETTER 4 April 2009
Klingon Language Suite coming May 2009
Mac 7.1.4 Now Available
April Tech Support
Ultralingua Forum Update
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Klingon language tools coming soon, and an update for Mac users!

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Look for the Klingon Language Suite coming May 2009

The Klingon Language Suite by Ultralingua is a comprehensive language tool for iPhone® and iPod touch® users. Look for the release in May – just in time for the new Star Trek movie which hits theaters May 8, 2009. View the trailer.

The Suite includes three programs at one low price:

  • Klingon Language Dictionary with 2,000+ easily searchable terms
  • Klingon Phrasebook based on “Conversational Klingon,” which includes plenty of useful phrases for the Klingon learner at any level
  • “Conversational Klingon” Application, a searchable audio-based learning aid to help you perfect your Klingon speaking abilities

Each of the programs can also be purchased individually, and soon will be available on Mac and Windows in addition to iPhone and iPod touch. Look for more updates soon!

Mac 7.1.4 Now Available

Ultralingua Mac 7.1.4 is now here! Version 7.1.4 is a FREE upgrade for registered users of version 7. To upgrade, simply choose Check for Updates under your Ultralingua menu.

More improvements come your way with our newest release on the Mac platform. Improvements include the following:

  • Missing entries to Norwegian dictionary for Mac replaced and expanded
  • Fixed stability issues present in some components of Mac 7.1.3

If you haven't yet upgraded to version 7, now is the time! You can upgrade from version 6.x for only $19.95 per dictionary.

April Tech Support

How do I install additional dictionaries on my Mac without overwriting my existing dictionary?

Follow these 5 easy steps to install additional dictionaries:

  1. First, install a single dictionary normally, then launch the Ultralingua application.
  2. Within Ultralingua, click on "Help" then "More Dictionaries". A new webpage will appear.
  3. Select your additional dictionaries from the list provided.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install them.
  5. Finally, enter your registration keys exactly as they appear, including the part with your name after the dash.
What's Being Discussed in the Forums?

Ultralingua dictionaries contain a complete American English - British English reference section with examples of grammar differences and expressions.

This month in the forums, Ultralingua users are debating the usage of American English vs. British English. You can chime in here.

Connect with other users, get technical support, and suggest ideas for Ultralingua products in the forums – a great resource for new and experienced users alike!


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