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VOLUME 12, NEWSLETTER 4 April 2010
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New Ultralingua.com Website Coming Soon!

For the past nine months, we've been hard at work building a brand-new Ultralingua website. It's a lot more interactive, more fun to browse, and it makes it easier to find what you're looking for. Benefits of the new design include:

  • Easier, more intuitive navigation
  • Browse dictionaries by language
  • Individual pages for all products
  • View the site in Portuguese, French, and Spanish
  • Special offers and bundled products
  • Newsletter archive

This new website is almost ready to go! To be the first to know when it goes live, click here to send us an email with the subject line "Please alert me about the new Ultralingua.com website". We'll send you a link to the site when we launch it, as well as a special coupon code for 30% off your entire purchase in the new store* to celebrate this exciting launch.

*This does not include iPhone®/iPod touch® apps or Palm webOS apps.

Featured Product - Monolingual Dictionaries

Ultralingua's bilingual dictionaries are some of our most popular products, and for good reason. Having a fast, reliable tool for looking up translations of words between two languages is an absolute necessity for language students, educators, and translation professionals.

But people sometimes overlook the enormous value of the traditional monolingual dictionary. Translation dictionaries are great for going between two languages, but when you really need to understand the subtleties and complexities of a single word in a given language, nothing can replace the depth of a monolingual dictionary.

Ultralingua offers monolingual dictionaries in English, French, and Spanish - three of our most popular languages. These dictionaries are a great companion to an Ultralingua bilingual dictionary or as a replacement for a heavy and inconvenient print dictionary.

Free trials are available for all of our monolingual dictionaries, except for on the iPhone and Palm webOS platforms. Download one now and see just how useful it can be! Visit the Mac or Windows page of the Ultralingua.com store to download a free trial.

Talk to us! Ultralingua on YouTube and Twitter.

With Ultralingua's new YouTube page, there are now more ways than ever to connect with us. Check it out now to find videos demonstrating our desktop apps, and leave us comments telling us what you think about our products, videos, or anything else. Since last month, we've added a video that demonstrates the Word Hunt tool that we highlighted in the newsletter. Let us know what you think of it!

You can also follow us on Twitter, where in addition to announcing updates and releases, we regularly discuss language and translation news with other like-minded folks. We are here because we want to hear from you!

Spotlight - Ultralingua iPhone apps on iPad

If you're one of the more than 300,000 people that has already gotten a hold of Apple's new iPad, you'll be pleased to know that your Ultralingua iPhone apps will be able to run on it for no additional charge. To run your iPhone apps on your iPad, just sync them to the iPad from your Mac or PC. You'll have the option to either run the apps in their original iPhone size, or zoom in for a full-screen version.


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