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VOLUME 14, NEWSLETTER 4 April 2012
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Sneak Peek! Ultralingua v 1.5 for iOS
Ultralingua for Android Users
Hyperpolygot Interview
Tools to Try: Tip of My Tongue
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Blog [noun] : The best place for news, features, and more

There's a new one-stop-site for all things Ultralingua: our blog!

Our best new content is going to land on our blog first from now on, including:

  • Sneak peeks and product news
  • Interviews and guest posts from language specialists, linguists, researchers, and more
  • Behind-the-scenes peeks into Ultralingua and words from our team
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Support tips for getting the most out of your apps
  • Links to other great language tools we've tracked down for you
  • And more!

The articles you've come to know and love in our monthly emails are moving to the blog so you don't have to wait so long for them. Don't worry, though, we'll continue sending a monthly recap conveniently to your inbox.

You can visit the blog here to see what's new, and subscribe for updates as they happen to be the very first to know what's new with Ultralingua. You can get new blog posts delivered right to your e-mail inbox by clicking here and entering your email address. This blog post has more details on how and why to subscribe.

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Our blog is for you. We want to keep you in the loop. We have some great stuff coming, so keep an eye on us!

Mac App Store: News and FAQ

Last month, we launched a brand new app in the Mac App Store. Ultralingua Dictionary for the Mac App Store is an easier way to find and install our Mac software and we wanted to say thanks for all your support! If you've been waiting to see if the new app is worth it, wait no more - We have received excellent reviews and were even featured in the "New and Noteworthy" section of the Mac App Store four weeks in a row!

Mac App Store FAQ

We've had a couple questions about the Mac App Store version, and we answered them here.

To celebrate, we gave our Mac fans 50% off Ultralingua Dictionary version 7.3 last Friday. We hope you took advantage of the sale and want to thank MacZOT for partnering with us. Check your preferences here to make sure you receive information that is the most relevant to your favorite platforms and languages.

Check out this video featuring developer insights and favorites regarding the making of the Ultralingua app.

Developer Interview Video

In case you missed the app introduction video, watch it here. Want a quick summary of the app itself? Read all about it here on our blog!

Sneak Peek: Ultralingua Update for iOS

We're really close to launching our Ultralingua 1.5 app for iPhone and wanted to give you a sneak peek! The new update is for Ultralingua, Collins, and Vox dictionaries for iPhone and iPad.

With this update, iPhone users get infinite scrolling, one of the most popular features of our iPad apps. iPad users will get an updated retina display.

You'll love the benefits of infinite scrolling. When you search for a word, you won't see incomplete entries and you'll be able to continue scrolling so you can find the word you're looking for.

Apple's retina display on the new iPad is amazingly clear. With this update to your Ultralingua app, we bring you completely new icons and text display to take advantage of all retina has to offer.



Look for the update in your Ultralingua app soon and stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter to be the first to know when it becomes available!

Ultralingua for Android Users

You've been asking about the availability of our apps on Android, and we wanted to fill everybody in. We hope to offer an option for Android users in the future, but have something to hold you over in the meantime: the mobile version of our online dictionary.

Visit our online dictionary from your Android phone for limited searches in any Ultralingua dictionary. It includes the verb conjugation and number translation tools in addition to your favorite dictionary content. Read the blog post and try it for yourself at ultralingua.com/mobile.

As always, you'll be the first to know about product launches at Ultralingua. Check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more updates as they come, and let us know how you like Ultralingua Mobile.


An Inside Look at Hyperpolygots

Have you heard of Michael Erard? He's a linguist, journalist, and more recently, an author. His latest book, called Babel No More, is about hyperpolygots, individuals who can learn more than just a handful of languages.

Mr. Erard is a monolingual himself, but has studied English and linguistics since the early 1990s. He's written another book on disfluencies, but Babel No More has a more narrative nature. He has done endless research and has great tips for language learners.

Read the complete interview with Michael Erard on our blog and check out book details at babelnomore.com.

We would like to thank Mr. Erard for talking with us about his language experience and new book. If you have any interesting stories or news about your language learning experiences, contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Tools to Try: Tip of My Tongue

You know how often this happens to you: You're talking to someone or writing a message and your mind goes blank. The word you're looking for is on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't spit it out.

Tip of My Tongue is here to save the day. Tip of My Tongue is an online tool and iPhone app that allows you to search partial words, unscramble letters, and find rhymes all in the same place. As you search, a list of up to 250 words appears along with definitions. With Tip of My Tongue, you'll always find the word you're looking for.

Try out the Tip of My Tongue app for iPhone/iPad.

Tip of My Tongue for iPad
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