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VOLUME 14, NEWSLETTER 8 August 2012
New Ultralingua Online Dictionary
Sneak Peek: Something New
Machine Translation of Poetry
Tools to Try: The Everyday Language Learner
Love at First Conjugation
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Summer is almost over and that means school is just around the corner! Check out these school shopping lists for every stage of school from kindergarten through college. We saw dictionaries on a few of those lists! And stay tuned for our back to school sale starting at the end of August.

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Extreme Makeover: Online Dictionary Edition

Ultralingua's Online Dictionary got a makeover! Completely redesigned and packed full of new features, the new Ultralingua Online Dictionary is better than ever. Here is a summary of some of the most exciting changes.

Unlimited Searches and Favorites

For the first time ever, you can get unlimited free searches through all of our premium content, and you can favorite different dictionary entries. Star your favorite entries and sort them by language, by date, or alphabetically for quick access to those trouble words and phrases. All you have to do is create a completely free (no strings attached!) member account.

Pro Account

Current subscribers to the Ultralingua Online Dictionary keep all of their features, but gain the ability to create favorites lists and export them to continue studying offline. Pro members also have access to grammar reference material with helpful explanations of tricky subjects like the subjunctive and indirect discourse.

Not a current subscriber? You can upgrade to Pro for just $29.95 a year at any time. And as another added bonus, the ads on the online dictionary also disappear when you go Pro.

There are too many new exciting changes to fit in this newsletter, but check out our blog for a full list of features and to find out more information on new entries and the Online Dictionary's improved search function. You can also watch these videos to see the new Ultralingua Online Dictionary in action! Learn how to use the favorites feature and see the amazing before and after shots.

Launch Sale!

For one week only, you can get a Pro subscription to the Ultralingua Online Dictionary for the first year for only $5! Just use discount code ONLINE at checkout. Happy searching!

Ultralingua Online Dictionary

Offer valid until 8/15/12. Applies to a one year Pro subscription of the Ultralingua Online Dictionary only.

Sneak Peek: Something New Is Coming to iPhone and iPad!

Something exciting is on it's way! Can you guess what it is?

It's completely brand new,

It knows more languages than you.

The installation is free

Just wait and see.

Check back soon and don't forget,

It's going to be our best app yet!

You'll be the first to know when it's available, so stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out this sneak peek video!

Sneak Peek
Machine Translation of Poetry

According to the chief researcher of Google Translate, the majority of translation in the world is now done through Google Translate. Google Translate can be a great reference tool, but what limitations does it have?

Rob Hardy, Ultralingua's Latin language specialist, discusses the limitations of machine translators when it comes to translating literature and poetry. As a poet himself, the idea of a machine translating poetry, concerns Rob. For Rob, "a translation of a poem is an intimate encounter with another culture; a conversation; a translation not just of words, but of worlds."

Read more about Rob's thoughts on machine translation on our blog. Rob also gives advice on how to use reference tools, like Ultralingua's dictionaries, to deepen engagement with a text while translating instead of flying through it with a machine translator.

Tools to Try: The Everyday Language Learner

There are plenty of language tools and resources for people learning a language to study or work abroad, but what about the everyday language learner who wants to learn a language independently?

Aaron G Myers saw that there weren't many resources for regular people trying to learn a language on their own and created The Everyday Language Learner. His blog includes a list of other resources and posts to empower and encourage people in their quest to learn a language.

The Everyday Language Learner is also the home of the Ten Week Journey, a free email course designed to help people become independent, self-directed language learners, and to have some fun along the way!

Aaron also wants other people to steal his blog. Since Aaron writes in English, he realizes that people in the process of learning English won't be able to read it. To fix this problem, Aaron encourages other people to translate his blog and Ten Week Journey course into other languages.

You can read Aaron’s material or contact him to assist in translating at everydaylanguagelearner.com.

Ultralingua Blog
Love at First Conjugation: Interview with Lito Tejada-Flores

After Ultralingua user Lito Tejada-Flores fell in love with French at first conjugation, he changed his college major from math to French literature. Now that’s a powerful love of language!

This decision changed the course of his life, and he began traveling all over the world. He started in the Alps and became bilingual while living in France.

From there, he decided to explore his family background and travel to South America. With a few friends, he drove a van from California to the Chilean Patagonia where he lives now.

Throughout his travels, Lito has learned several languages. Lito's advice for learning a language? Don't take any shortcuts. For each language that he learned, Lito started with a college language textbook and patiently copied out every exercise.

To get more advice from Lito on writing for an international audience or using Ultralingua products to improve your language skills, read his full interview. And if you want to read more from Lito, check out the book Lito and his wife wrote called Unknown Patagonia.

Ultralingua Products
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