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VOLUME 11, NEWSLETTER 12 December 2009
Mandarin Chinese-English for iPhone ®
iPhone 1.2.4 is Available
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Highlights from 2009
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Featured product: Collins Mandarin Chinese-English for iPhone ®

We are thrilled to announce the availability of our first Asian language dictionary for iPhone and iPod touch! Check out our Collins Mandarin Chinese-English Translation Dictionary in the App Store.

This new dictionary app is great for English speakers trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. It includes excellent data, a number writing tool, and the ability to search using English, pinyin, or Chinese character entry. Here are a few other highlights:

  • Examples provided to help you correctly translate words with multiple meanings
  • Register labels indicate formality, offensiveness, literal or figurative use, and more
  • Hundreds of usage notes about troublesome constructions
  • Convert numerals into simplified Chinese and English text
  • Provides smart search results in case you misspell or mistype
  • No Internet connection required

Collins Pro Mandarin Chinese-English Translation Dictionary is part of our newest iPhone version 1.2.4 – so it also includes all the features listed below. You can learn more about this product and download it here.

iPhone 1.2.4 is Available

December was a big month for our mobile users with two updates to our iPhone and iPod touch apps. You can now pinch and drag to zoom in on your dictionary results, which makes viewing results much easier for users with accessibility concerns. The zoom feature in the dictionary results uses relative sizing, which means you can resize the font to your preference without having to choose from just one or two size options.

The history view also got some great new features this month. You can now sort the history list either alphabetically or by date, making it easier to find the history item you are looking for. Another new history feature allows you to delete history items individually instead of needing to clear the whole list. We think these new features make maintaining your history screen a lot easier – let us know if you agree with a new review in the App Store.

Pinch to zoom iPhone feature

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A Year at Ultralingua – Highlights from 2009

This has been a great year for us at Ultralingua. We’ve come out with some popular new products and learned a lot about our customers. We’ve continued to strive to meet your needs and started planning some exciting projects for 2010.

We want to look back on all that’s happened in 2009 and highlight some of our favorite moments. If you’ve got some we didn’t mention here, please share them with us in the forum or on Twitter!

Constructed language products

Creating a dictionary, phrasebook, and language-learning tool for the constructed language Klingon caused a lot of excitement both in and out of our office. Simon & Schuster was an excellent partner on the project, as were the individuals from the Klingon Language Institute who gave us feedback on the products throughout the development process.

As language enthusiasts who worked on constructed language products in the past when creating an Esperanto-English dictionary, everyone at Ultralingua was really enthusiastic about the Klingon project. Out of the office, we got together to watch the documentary Earthlings - Ugly Bags of Mostly Water, which featured some of the individuals from the KLI whom we had the opportunity to talk to about the project early on. We worked hard to create iPhone apps and Mac and Windows products that would both teach and entertain our users, and the feedback you gave us let us know we did a good job. Qapla’!

To wrap up 2009’s work on constructed language projects, we interviewed author Arika Okrent about her new book In the Land of Invented Languages. The interview appeared in our November newsletter – go take another look if you like. Okrent has a very interesting perspective on what we can learn about invented languages and their creators. You can learn more about her book here.

Apps for Palm Pre and Pixi

We were selected as an early developer by Palm, which meant we were the first great dictionary app provider for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi devices. Being among the first wave of developers for Palm’s App Catalog meant we got to set the bar high for all following apps – a challenge we welcomed enthusiastically. Since launching our webOS products we’ve listened to customer feedback and are making improvements, like adding a search-as-you-type feature and fine-tuning the display.

Choosing Palm webOS as one of our new product lines for this year was also important because our loyal Palm users waited patiently for this release for a long time. Thanks to all who wrote in to Palm this summer to request our participation in the early developer program – we hope it was worth the wait!

Our first Asian language dictionary

You asked for it, and we worked hard in 2009 to make it happen. By partnering with HarperCollins for the data, we came out with a Mandarin Chinese-English dictionary at the end of 2009. We are excited about the ability to use different keyboards to search the dictionary in English, pinyin, or simplified Chinese characters.

There are also plenty of subtle additions to the data to make this a great tool for language learning, like usage notes about tricky constructions, register labels, and examples.

Let us know what you think of Collins Mandarin-English, the first of our new dictionaries for 2010, via Twitter, our forum, or with a review in the App Store.

Ultralingua 7 for Windows

We couldn’t cover our highlights of 2009 without mentioning our biggest Windows update ever: Ultralingua 7 for Windows. Version 7 brought some great improvements, including:

  • Fully customizable flashcards, with full-screen play mode for focused studying
  • Significant interface improvements
  • Smarter and more intuitive search results

At Ultralingua we take customer feedback very seriously. Many of the updates and added features you received in version 7 were the result of direct customer input. If you want to take part in shaping the future of Ultralingua, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send your ideas, requests, and feedback to feedback@ultralingua.com.

Spanish monolingual dictionary

Our new Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary for iPhone, Mac, and Windows was another favorite of 2009. A Spanish monolingual dictionary complements a translation well because it provides detailed definitions for the translations available in a bilingual dictionary.

Our bilingual Spanish dictionaries include Spanish-English, Spanish-French, Spanish-Portuguese, and Spanish-German. These dictionaries provide precise translations, helpful usage notes, and more – but the depth of the Spanish definitions (including synonyms and notes on regional usage differences) helps you understand Spanish translations even better with context. It is an essential reference for any Spanish language learner or native speaker.

Other Ultralingua monolingual dictionaries are available in English and French.


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