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VOLUME 12, NEWSLETTER 2 February 2010
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Featured Product: Grammatica

Whether you are a native speaker of four languages or a first time language learner, a good grammar checker is an essential tool.

With Ultralingua's Grammatica desktop software, you can find errors in your own grammar and easily analyze content from text editors, pdf's, and web pages using a hotkey similar to Ultralingua's dictionaries. Grammatica finds spelling mistakes, grammar errors (such as verb and adjective agreement), and even allows you to highlight a single word and find its root, form of speech, and other helpful information. Grammatica is also customizable, so you can add your own entries and choose when and how the program launches.

For a limited time, get Grammatica for just $5!

From now until March 1st, we are offering our Grammatica software for only $5 (USD), with your choice of English, French, German or Spanish. Just use the following coupon code when making your purchase:


That's $25 off of the normal price, so if you want advanced grammar analysis and spell-checking software for your laptop or desktop, don't miss this great offer!

Grammatica is only available for Mac and Windows, not for any mobile platforms.

Apple's New iPad Will Run Ultralingua iPhone Apps

The tech world is buzzing with news and discussion about Apple's latest gadget, the iPad®, which was announced at the end of January and will begin shipping in late March. Chances are you've seen or read something about the iPad already, but if you haven't, learn what all the talk is about here.

If you are one of the many thousands of Apple fans eager to get your hands on this new device, you'll be pleased to know that it will run all of Ultralingua's iPhone® and iPod touch® apps right out of the box. iPad users will have the option to run the apps either in an iPhone-size view or in full-screen zoom mode, with all original functionality retained.

Although the iPad hasn't been made available yet, you can sign up to be notified as soon as it is on Apple's website.

Extreme Language Exchange

Last month, we talked to author and linguist Barbara Zurer Pearson about the advantages and challenges of raising a child bilingually. It's an attractive idea, and Pearson showed us that, in many cases, it's not as far out of reach as people may think.

Still, many people don't have the time, knowledge or resources needed to take on such a huge challenge. There are other options, of course. Many schools provide language education, and colleges and universities frequently send students abroad for months at a time to get the full immersion experience. But at the age most students go abroad, language acquisition isn't nearly as easy or as natural as it would have been when they were younger.

This has started some parents asking, why wait? In the UK, France, Spain, Canada, and elsewhere, growing numbers of parents are sending their kids - aged 9 to 13 - on "extreme language exchange" programs. Children spend six months studying in a foreign country, often in a language they've never spoken before, and, ideally, come back fluent. (Check out this article in The Independent for more information).

We'd love to hear what you think about this new trend. Let us know on Twitter or voice your opinion in our forums.

Ultralingua is Now on YouTube

We've got videos!

Maybe there's an Ultralingua product you're interested in, but you'd like to see it in action before you buy. Or maybe you would like a tour of the features in a product you already have. Either way, check out our brand new YouTube channel to see a series of videos demonstrating our desktop software. Be sure to forward the videos along to friends, family and fellow language enthusiasts, too.

Spotlight on Word Hunt

If you have either the Mac or Windows desktop version of the Ultralingua software, you may have noticed the Word Hunt button on the left side of the screen. It's a fun, useful tool that lets you search for words without knowing all of the letters. Here's an example.

Say I'm doing a crossword puzzle and I need a six letter word for "primate." I know that the second two letters are "on" and the last two letters are "ey," but I don't know the first or fourth letters. I could try to fill in the rest with other words, or make an educated guess. Or, I could use the Word Hunt tool. I would simply type the word into the search bar with "?" in place of the unknown letters, like this:


Word Hunt would then search for any words matching that description. I'd see "convey" (not an animal), "donkey" (not a primate), and the correct answer, "monkey."

Or imagine I wanted a list of Spanish words ending in "ogía." If I had one of the Spanish dictionaries installed, I could simply type "+ogía" into the Word Hunt search bar, where the + indicates any possible number of letters at the beginning of the word. I'd then see a list with "acología", "analogía," and so on.

Word Hunt can also help you find words you aren't sure how to spell, find words within other words, or simply have fun looking for common spelling patterns.


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