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VOLUME 14, NEWSLETTER 1 January 2012
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Welcome in the New Year

In China, the year of the dragon will be welcomed in at the spring festival, beginning on January 23. Join in the festivities by working on your Chinese with the Mandarin Chinese-English Collins Pro Dictionary.


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Apps for Aid Partners with Red Cross

On January 12 and 13, Ultralingua will donate 20% of our revenue from the iTunes App Store and the Ultralingua website to the American Red Cross.

This event marks the two-year anniversary of the earthquake that struck Haiti. Ultralingua initially responded by creating the Haitian Medical Reference Guide app so nurses, doctors and relief workers could communicate with their Haitian-Creole speaking patients. The free dictionary app was given to volunteers traveling to Haiti and helped them more effectively provide disaster relief.

The apps were so successful in Haiti that we want to expand our efforts into the Apps for Aid program to partner with more humanitarian organizations worldwide.

Join Ultralingua in our first donation event January 12-13. The event will support the American Red Cross by donating 20% of our revenue from the iTunes App Store and www.ultralingua.com to the American Red Cross to support disaster relief. The Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies nearly half of the nation's blood; teaches lifesaving skills; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families.

We want to raise as much aid for the Red Cross as possible, so help spread the word to your friends and family. Join us by making a purchase today at the iTunes App Store or www.ultralingua.com.

Visit us at Apps for Aid or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

French-English Dictionary Now Available in Mac App Store

Check out the Ultralingua French-English Dictionary in a whole new way: at the Mac App Store! The Ultralingua French-English Dictionary is our first product available at the Mac App Store. Get yours today for quick installation and easy updates.

Launched in January 2011, the Mac App Store has become the most popular place for users to browse and download Mac software. Designed after the very successful iTunes Store, the Mac App Store now offers an alternative method to purchase our dictionary.

The French-English Dictionary app works on Mac OS X Lion and contains almost all our features for Mac. Flashcards are a fantastic memory aid to help you expand your vocabulary. Combined with the verb conjugation tool that shows you how to use any verb, you can finally fulfill your New Year's resolution to learn or improve your French. Don't waste another year endlessly turning pages when you can use the Ultralingua smart search feature to instantly find the word you’re looking for.

As our language databases expand and grow, the Mac App Store simplifies the update process so your dictionary always has the most current information. Our other dictionaries are currently in process, and you can look for them to be available in the coming months. The Ultralingua French-English Dictionary is now available from the Mac App Store for $34.99.

Mac App Store
Ultralingua Launches Apps for Aid

Ultralingua's new Apps for Aid program is part of our effort to unite the world through language. We will donate products to nonprofit organizations that need language reference tools to communicate with the people they serve.

Our Apps for Aid program will give dictionaries to volunteers and medical professionals working throughout the world. When disaster strikes, many volunteer workers go to a foreign country to provide aid. Yet if they don't understand the language and culture, their success is limited. By providing free dictionary apps, we help workers communicate with the people they serve, so they can talk with their patients and connect with the community.

International Medical Relief (IMR) has already received Ultralingua apps and used them on short-term medical mission trips. Volunteers including doctors, dentists and non-medical professionals have found that the dictionaries help improve health and wellness around the world.

Watch our Apps for Aid introduction video and follow the program on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Check the Apps for Aid page that highlights how our apps are helping people in the field and provides information on how to become a partner. Let us know how Apps for Aid could help your organization.

Apps for Aid
Spotlight: Customer Support

Ultralingua is committed to making user-friendly and problem-free dictionaries. We have renovated our customer support web page so we can answer your questions more effectively.

If you are having trouble getting your dictionary app or software to work properly, visit our website for fast solutions:

  • Videos demonstrate how to install dictionaries for Mac or Windows
  • Adding dictionaries to your app collection is explained with a video tutorial
  • Have you lost your license key? Get a new key in seconds
  • Send us feedback and requests about improvements you would like to see
  • Find answers to any question about our company and our products

The customer support page is an excellent way to get your problems solved so you can fully enjoy your Ultralingua dictionary. If you have any additional questions or specific problems, please email us, and we're happy to help you.

Ultralingua's 2011 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

2011 has been an incredible year for Ultralingua. In the last twelve months, we've introduced eight dictionaries, improved our software and launched on new platforms. Whatever your language needs, Ultralingua is growing and developing to meet them.

New Dictionaries

Our collection of dictionary titles has expanded, and you can now get Ultralingua in even more languages. This year, we've focused on translating between the Romance languages and also dived into Chinese and Russian.

Download a completely free trial to try them yourself:

New Places

Overseas or in the classroom, on your Mac or in your pocket, Ultralingua is expanding to even more places. We've launched our first dictionaries on new platforms, so you can access our quality data any way you like.

New in 2011, find our apps here:

  • iPad --
Collins and Vox dictionaries are now on the iPad, for a convenient travel companion
  • Windows Phone --
Our popular Spanish-English Dictionary debuted on Windows Phone in November
  • Mac App Store --
The French-English Dictionary is in the Mac App Store for easy downloads and updates
  • Amazon --
Your favorite Ultralingua apps can now be purchased in the Amazon store

New People

The Ultralingua team strives for excellence by bringing together language experts and skilled developers.

Meet our newest people:

  • Rob Hardy -- Latin-English Dictionary editor with a Ph.D. in the classics and extensive experience teaching Latin
  • Jeremy Bergerson -- Germanic Languages editor with a Ph.D., ten years of teaching experience and currently doing various translation projects
  • Jenn Van Osdel -- Talented software developer with a fresh perspective

Other achievements this year include adding a verb conjugation feature to our Latin dictionary and opening up our t-shirt store for great Ultralingua gear. We are also increasing our partnership with charities through our Apps for Aid program. Read more about it later in this newsletter.

Ultralingua has had an amazing year of growing and expanding. Thank you for your continued support and look for more exciting new products in the coming year.

Tools to Try: Word Games

The New Year's celebration is winding down, but don't let that stop your fun. Before you get back to work--or while on your lunch break--check out these great word games.

For the hard-core traditionalists who want crossword puzzles with their black coffee, try Webcrosswords.com. It features hundreds of free puzzles with varying levels of difficulties, and a little help when you get stuck. If you're good at trivia, like to connect words, and tired of wearing out pink erasers, try Webcrosswords.com.

If you've resolved to try something new and different this year, Top Word Games is a great place to start. The site has a huge variety of free word games, including arcade-style, mystery and strategy games. For those who've never thought they'd like video games but want an intelligent alternative, try Top Word Games and see how long it takes before you’re hooked.

When 2012 begins to drag, The Problem Site's Daily Puzzles give you something to look forward to every day. With six different puzzles daily, you get to try a variety of word scrambles, word grids and other games. Quick and simple with no downloads or registration, it's a great way to try new games often without getting overwhelmed with all the options.

2012 will fly by with these three new word game sites to keep you puzzled.

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