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Featured Language: French

We are celebrating the month of July at Ultralingua by dropping prices on our full range of French tools, with a 30% discount on French products purchased from our site until July 31st!

The French national holiday Bastille Day (La Fête Nationale) is July 14th, and le Tour de France is July 3-29. Will you be celebrating Bastille Day on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, or somewhere else around the world? Will you be cheering on the athletes competing in le Tour de France from the sidelines? Make your travels and celebrations easy and enjoyable this month with a discounted rate on French language tools.

Use the coupon code FRENCHSALE30 to take 30% off your purchase of any of the following products for Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile, or Palm OS purchased from our website:

This coupon code is valid until July 31, 2010. Unfortunately, this promotion cannot be used for discounts on iPhone, iPad, or Palm webOS apps.

50% Off Ultralingua webOS Apps

Palm is running a great summer promotion in the App Catalog. Palm Pre and Pixi users get 50% off nearly every app in the App Catalog until July 23, including all Ultralingua apps. Learn more at Palm’s site here or just browse the App Catalog to see the discounts yourself. You’ll save between $5 and $25 on each Ultralingua app, which means great deals for new users.

International Availability

Also, Palm users in Germany, Canada, France, Spain, UK, and Mexico can now purchase Ultralingua apps for webOS. Users in these countries can view available apps by searching for “Ultralingua” in the App Catalog from their device.

Mac French and Spanish Packs

Last month, we highlighted our French and Spanish dictionary packs for Windows. Since then, we’ve had quite a few requests for Mac versions of these products.

You can now download or purchase Mac Dictionary Packs here!

Dictionary packs allow you to get three powerful reference tools for the price of two. Each includes a translation dictionary and two dictionary and thesaurus products. These packs are great for language learners and serious translators, because they include deep definitions for most of the translations available in either language.

With just a couple clicks within the Mac app, these dictionary packs provide assurance that you’re using the correct translation with extra depth to fully understand the terms you are using. Give them a try with a free download of either the Spanish or French version today!

iPhone 4 Now Available

Despite the alleged reception issues and limited device availability, we love pretty much everything about iPhone 4 at Ultralingua.

The thin and sleek iPhone 4 has a crystal clear Retina display, front and back cameras with 5x zoom, and HD video recording. It also gets all of the iOS 4 features below, including multitasking, integrated email inbox, and folders for your apps.

One of the most useful applications of the front facing camera is Apple’s new FaceTime video calling app. It will be offered on Wi-Fi only until carriers are able to support the calls, but the accessibility of video chat will have quite an impact on the way people communicate on this device. You can switch the view between front and back cameras, as well as portrait and landscape orientation. Watch the video demo here.

The device launched in the US, France, Germany, the UK and Japan on June 24, and 18 more countries will see it later in July. Pricing (USD) is $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for 32GB. iPhone 3GS pricing dropped to $99, and the 3G models are no longer available from Apple.

iOS 4.0 and Ultralingua 1.3.2: What it Means for You

Apple updates the operating system that powers iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices (iOS) about once a year, providing new features to users and new opportunities for developers like Ultralingua to improve their apps. With iOS 4.0, Apple provided over 100 new features.

We launched the free 1.3.2 update* to Ultralingua iPhone and iPad users for improved multitasking ability and 4.0 compatibility on June 21, so make sure you download it if you haven’t yet to take advantage of all the new features.

We’ll outline some of our favorites below, let you know how to get your hands on the new OS, and explain the compatibility rules to watch out for.


Multitasking on mobile devices is a challenge because running multiple apps at the same time consumes a significant amount of battery life, but Apple managed to deliver seven multitasking services with iOS 4 while maintaining battery performance. Multitasking options include background audio streaming (listen to music on Pandora while running a GPS app for turn-by-turn directions), task completion (receive an alert when your Flickr upload is complete while looking up a word in Ultralingua), and fast app switching.

To preserve battery life, apps don’t run at full power at all times. When they enter background mode they are able to perform certain tasks, and can be reactivated quickly and easily. If you encounter a word you want to translate while you are browsing the web, just copy it, double-tap the home button to choose Ultralingua from the background, and paste it into your dictionary. You can swap back to Safari the same way. Both your web browser and your favorite dictionary save the page you last viewed, so when you return to the app it seems like you never left. Check out this video to see multitasking in action.


If you use game apps or apps that include advertisements, you’ll notice some changes with iOS 4.0. Games are provided with networking options that allow you to compete with others, record scores and share achievements. As game apps start supporting Game Center the community will grow, with full activity expected in a few months.

Apple is also providing a new advertising system to developers that emphasizes emotion and interactivity. You may already be seeing these appear in some of your ad-supported apps.

iBooks, popular on iPad since its launch, are now available for iPhone and iPod touch as well. The free book reader app allows you to purchase and read your favorite books directly from your device.


A much-anticipated change to email arrived with iOS 4: the unified inbox. Now you can manage multiple email accounts from the same place, and open attachments using specific applications.

Other changes include the ability to set your own home screen wallpaper, gift apps from the App Store, and spell-check in email, notes, and other applications.

One of the features we are most excited for is the ability to organize your apps into folders. Simply tap and hold an icon until it starts to shake, just like you would to rearrange icons on the screen. Drag one icon on top of another to create a folder. You can use the automatically generated name for the folder or set your own. For example, if you own several Ultralingua dictionary apps, as well as some other language or reference tools, you can organize them all in a single folder for study, or travel, or reference. We think this will really help users stay organized and find what they are looking for quickly.

To read more about the features included in iOS 4, click here.

To download iOS 4 to your current iPhone (3GS or 3G) or iPod touch (2nd or 3rd generation) simply connect your device to iTunes and follow the steps. Note that some older devices will not support all features. For example, the iPhone 3G will not support multitasking.

Click here for a full list of requirements. iPad users will see iOS 4.0 features this fall.

*Some of our apps did not get the update because they did not need extra compatibility with iOS 4.

The Results Are In: Top Scores on the Etymology Quiz

Last month’s etymology quiz was certainly challenging, but your interest in word histories helped some of you score very well!

Here were the correct answers to the questions from last month’s quiz for those of you who didn’t take it. Would you have guessed these origins for the words below?

  1. Yankee: Dutch
  2. Alcohol: Arabic
  3. Nostril: Old English
  4. Alarm: Italian
  5. October: Latin
  6. Mantra: Sanskrit
  7. Planet: Greek
  8. Pamper: Middle Dutch
  9. Hazard: Old French
  10. Rebate: Old French

With an average score of about half correct, we were impressed to see some of you scores as high as 80 or 90%. Gary McAvoy and Rafi Markus were among them – great job, and thanks to all who participated!


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