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iPhone® Version 1.2 is Available
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iPhone® Version 1.2 is Available

An update to Ultralingua's dictionary line has taken place in conjunction with the recent launch of Apple's iPhone 3.0.

Version 1.2 brings many improvements, including:

  • Search as you type capability
  • Updated language databases on several dictionaries
  • Improved app speed and performance
  • Compatibility with both the iPhone OS 2.2.1 and the new OS 3.0
  • Version 1.2 is available for both Collins and Ultralingua brands

To upgrade to the new version, iPhone users can simply:

  • Check out Ultralingua products in the iTunes store
  • Remember to look for Apple's "iPhone 3.0 OS Tested" when buying any app to be certain your purchase will be compatible with the new operating system
Palm Pre Users: Join the Campaign

Palm is in the process of unveiling their new operating system and online app store to go with the popular Palm Pre phone. Ultralingua has supported Palm for many years, and we're enthusiastic about making software updates as soon as Palm gives us access to their developer tools ("SDK").

Palm has said that apps for their newest operating system will be widely available later this year, though companies with an enthusiastic customer base are being granted the ability to support customers earlier.

If you are a Palm Pre user and wish to see updates to Ultralingua's Palm software sooner rather than later, we encourage you to get in touch with Palm telling them what you like about Ultralingua software and why it's important to make your preferred products available as soon as possible. Please keep wording positive so that we can have the greatest possible impact.

To contact Palm, please write to this individual:

Chuq Von Rospach
Web OS Development and Developer Relations
950 W Maude Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94085

Since this individual is likely to have an inbox flooded with requests for access from developers around the globe, we encourage you to contact him via snail mail instead of by email.

Remember: Let Palm know you're a fan of the device and of Ultralingua. Expect several months from the time we receive the developer tools until the time we can unveil the newest version of Ultralingua on your favorite platform- a great product takes time to engineer correctly.

To traditional Palm users: you are not forgotten! Ultralingua will continue to support existing Palm users into the foreseeable future. From the entire staff, thanks for your continuing support of Ultralingua.

Check out our updated FAQ page

Need immediate help? Check out our updated FAQ's on our website!

To access our updated FAQ’s, point your browser to www.ultralingua.com/en/support.htm and you will find solutions to many common problems, including:

  • Lost Keys
  • Invalid Key Messages
  • Legacy Versions
  • Upgrades and more!

Remember, you can access tech support in many ways, including our Technical Questions section on the forums page.

What's Being Discussed in the Forums?

Want to take part in a stimulating discussion regarding language or culture? Visit our forum page and reply to one of these topics or start a new one of your own.

Talk directly to language experts and ask them your questions, or ask a Tech Support question that will be answered by our developers. There are many benefits to keeping up-to-date in the forums, for instance:

  • Be the first to read about product releases and updates before receiving our monthly newsletter
  • Learn more about your favorite platform or a particular language

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