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VOLUME 11, NEWSLETTER 3 March 2009
Mac Version 7.1.3 Released
Windows Version 7 is Just Around the Corner
March Tech Support
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A new version available for Mac and a full upgrade of Windows are on the way.

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Mac Version 7.1.3 Released

With the ever-increasing frequency of new versions and up dates to your favorite operating systems and browsers, our developers have to work hard and fast updating our software to be in time for those new releases.

In our efforts to make our dictionary software the most intuitive and easy for you to use, our marketing department got so excited about Ultralingua Mac 7.1.3 we told you it was ready a bit too early. The good news is, Ultralingua Mac 7.1.3 is now here!

More improvements come your way with our newest release on the Mac platform. Improvements include the following:

  • English Definitions (nearly 15,000 new entries)
  • Spanish-English (nearly 5,000 new entries)
  • French-English (many additional entries)
  • French-Spanish (many additional entries)
  • Italian-English (many additional entries)
  • German conjugation (substantial improvements)
  • General minor interface enhancements

Version 7.1.3 is a FREE upgrade for registered users of version 7.x. (To upgrade, simply choose "Check for updates" under your Ultralingua menu.)

If you haven't yet upgraded to version 7, now is the time! You can upgrade from version 6.x for only $19.95 per dictionary.

Windows Version 7 is Just Around the Corner
Flashcards, improved data sets, a new hotkey and user interface are coming your way in time for Spring!
March Tech Support

Tech support now comes to you in three ways!

  1. You can post your questions on our technical questions forum.
  2. Our support page is packed with advice and tips.
  3. You can contact customer support directly.

We provide customer service for both our Ultralingua and Collins brand dictionaries:

The Ultralingua dictionaries are complete in themselves and they offer not only a highly intuitive and uncluttered interface, but also extensive content, cutting edge search technology, and many other essential tools. All this at an incredibly low price, less even than you would pay for many simple desktop tools and system enhancers!

For the professional linguists and translators among you, our technology has been applied to the world famous range of Collins dictionaries, which are a benchmark of excellence for all our products.

Ultralingua dictionaries are very good; however, Collins dictionaries are perhaps the finest bilingual dictionaries in the world.


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