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It's a great month for Windows users - Version 7 and a Klingon dictionary are here!

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Ultralingua 7 for Windows is Here

The much-anticipated upgrade from version 6 has arrived! Windows 7 is a language learning tool with many unique features.

New features include:

  • The ability to build personalized flashcard sets
  • A new interface that allows you to search as you type
  • Updated language databases
  • An improved hotkey feature for Vista users
  • Collins and Simon & Schuster brand products now available for Windows

If you are a current Windows user, upgrade from your current program for only $19.95 per language module. To upgrade from your current program:

  • Open your Ultralingua dictionary
  • In the File menu, select "Check for Updates..."
  • A pop-up window will appear where you can upgrade to Windows 7
Simon & Schuster's Klingon Language Dictionary has launched for Windows

Practice Klingon while you watch the new Star Trek® film! The downloadable Klingon language learning suite was launched for the iPod touch® and the iPhone® on May 8. Now the popular Klingon dictionary is available on Windows for only $9.95!

  • The Klingon language dictionary has over 1,000 entries
  • It also includes verb conjugations and number translations
  • The dictionary provides extremely comprehensive translations
  • Still unsure about the dictionary? It has a high average rating in the iPhone® app store!

Visit our site for more information on the Windows Klingon dictionary and for a link to purchase the iPod touch® and the iPhone® applications.

Read an interesting discussion of invented languages (including Esperanto & Klingon) in the New York Times review of Arika Okrent's new book, "In the Land of Invented Languages."

Okrent writes, "Klingon users are unique in that they are enjoying themselves. They are doing language for language's sake, art for art's sake. And like all committed artists, they will do their thing, critics be damned."

Post your comments on this topic in our forums.

May Tech Support

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Similar updates to iPhone version 1.2.1 are on the way for all of Ultralingua's French dictionaries for iPhone. Look for an update alert coming soon.

Have another question? You can access Tech Support three ways:

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What's Being Discussed in the Forums?

Want to be part of an interesting discussion? The forum page on our website offers discussions of language, culture, and more!

Some especially intriguing topics include:

  • Proper Spanish usage in business emails
  • How to politely tell someone to "mind their own business" in French
  • A discussion of the word "lipstick" and other words of the week

If you would like to reply to one of these topics, or start a new one, visit the forums.


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