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VOLUME 11, NEWSLETTER 10 October 2009
Palm Pre and Pixi Apps
25% Off Portuguese Dictionaries
Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary for Windows
Windows 7.1 Coming Soon
The New Ultralingua Website
Translation Industry on the Rise
October Spotlight
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Palm Pre and Pixi Apps are Here!

We are happy to announce that 14 Ultralingua dictionaries have been made available for purchase directly through Palm's App Catalog. You can now have access to a powerful language reference tool wherever an internet connection is available. These webOS apps can be installed on your Palm Pre as well as the Palm Pixi, which is scheduled to be released on November 15th, 2009.

Features of our Palm webOS Apps include:

  • Verb conjugation that includes the ability to search using any form of the word so you can conjugate quickly and easily
  • Number-to-text translation
  • An integrated history interface that saves you time by providing you with quick access to words you look up often

Ultralingua apps for Palm Pre are now available through the App Catalog on your Palm Pre phone. Like most webOS apps, they require an internet connection. To get the apps on your device:

  1. Visit the App Catalog from your phone
  2. Search for Ultralingua to browse our full product list
    Click Explore, then Reference. Our apps are listed in the Dictionary/Thesaurus, Translation, and Medical categories.

Most of our dictionaries are available for $19.99 (USD). However, you pay just $9.99 for the English Dictionary, $14.99 for the Latin-English dictionary, and $49.99 for the French-English Medical Dictionary.

We understand that the release of these Palm webOS apps has been a long time coming and we thank you for your patience. If you are enjoying our apps or have any feedback, please email feedback@ultralingua.com or post a review in the App Catalog.

Note: If you prefer to use Ultralingua apps without an internet connection, version 6 Ultralingua Palm OS apps can be run on the Palm Pre by downloading the "Classic" emulator app for $29.99, which is available in the App Catalog. Get the Palm OS apps here.

25% Off Portuguese Dictionaries

Brazil has taken center stage in the world of sports. On October 2nd, the International Olympic Committee selected Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. In addition to this exciting news, Rio de Janeiro is one of the twelve Brazilian cities that will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

If you are planning to travel to Brazil for either of these spectacular events, maximize your experience by purchasing the Ultralingua Portuguese-English Dictionary, Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary or Collins Pro Portuguese-English Dictionary. These dictionaries can be downloaded as applications for your mobile device so you can have the power of language at your fingertips while you travel. You will be able to easily look up unfamiliar words to identify landmarks, read street signs, communicate with locals, or understand a menu.

Receive 25% off your purchase of any Portuguese dictionary from Ultralingua this Halloween weekend by using our "Trick or Treat" coupon code. In the spirit of Halloween trickery, the coupon code is hidden in our Portuguese Vocabulary & Grammar forum. It is only valid for products that are sold on our website - iPhone and Palm webOS apps are not included. Retrieve the code and take advantage of this great offer!

*Coupon code valid through November 1st, 2009*

Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary for Windows Available Soon

This Spanish monolingual dictionary is made possible through Ultralingua's partnership with the popular Vox brand. The incredibly thorough Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary will include both Latin American and European varieties of Spanish. To help users keep track of regional differences, this dictionary will clearly indicate variations within the definitions.

By specifying translations for regional dialects, this feature will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. It will also include a verb tool, which will help you conjugate correctly every time.

Along with the ability to identify regional differences, the Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary for Windows will include:

  • A function that allows you to search-as-you-type in case you don't know the exact spelling of a word
  • Flashcards that can be organized and reviewed in full-screen study mode
  • Number-to-text translation, which allows you to search-as-you-type
  • Verb conjugation in all standard forms
  • No internet connection required

If you're a Mac user, the Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary is already available to you. In your Ultralingua 7 dictionary, click on Help from the File menu, then click More Dictionaries. This will take you to the Ultralingua website where you can download a free trial of the dictionary.

Windows 7.1 Coming Soon

We will soon release an updated version of our popular Ultralingua 7 dictionaries for Windows.

Updates for Windows 7.1 will include:

  • Increased stability in the software update process
  • Added support for the new Vox Comprehensive Spanish dictionary
  • A tool for Ultralingua Newsletter subscription
  • Added support for the œ ligature in the French dictionary search tool
The New Ultralingua Website

We are in the process of creating a new and improved Ultralingua website, which we plan to launch soon. Log on to www.ultralingua.com in the coming weeks to discover easier navigation, detailed product information, and more.

New additions will include:

  • The ability to browse products by language
  • Product pages with detailed information about every product we offer
  • A new Special Offers section, with dictionary bundles and special deals

If you can't wait to see the new site, consider becoming a beta tester! If you are interested, apply by emailing your name and contact information to beta@ultralingua.com. We will let you know as soon as we have a project available for testing, and will provide you with plenty of testing instruction. We hope to hear from you!

Translation Industry on the Rise

At Ultralingua we are always on the lookout for interesting findings that we can pass on to our users. We recently came across a report by myGengo, a human translation service, on some of the current trends in the translation industry. The growth of the internet has increased the need to address language issues in business and online. As a result, the translation industry is estimated to grow by almost 11% per year over the next 5 years!

Find out who is using translation, how they're using it, and the benefits they're receiving by downloading the full report at myGengo's website.

If you are a translator or work with language often, you'll be interested in checking out this impressive industry report. Let us know what you thought about it in the Linguistics section of the forums.

October Spotlight: Customer Driven Development

Do you have an interesting idea that would make Ultralingua products even more useful? Is there a certain aspect of Ultralingua that drives you crazy? Let us know!

At Ultralingua we take customer feedback very seriously. Every day we receive input from users like you, which we use to shape and mold Ultralingua products. Many of the updates and added features you receive are the result of direct customer input. If you want to take part in shaping the future of Ultralingua, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send your ideas, requests, and feedback to feedback@ultralingua.com.


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