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VOLUME 13, NEWSLETTER 10 October 2011
Mandarin Chinese -English Dictionary
Update with Latin Verb Conjugation
iOS 5 Update
T-Shirt Store Opens
Spotlight: Smart Search
Apple Update
Tools to Try: The Eggcorn Database
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New! Collins Pro Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary for Mac

The most widely spoken language in the world is now even easier to learn through Ultralingua's dictionary software. Join over 1 billion people who speak Mandarin Chinese.

The Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary for Mac combines extensive HarperCollins dictionary data with all your favorite Ultralingua features.

Our newest Mac dictionary includes:

  • Over 65,000 translations for more than 25,000 entries
  • In-depth usage notes and examples
  • Number to text translation in Chinese and English
  • Search using Chinese characters, Pinyin or Roman letters
  • Return to recent searches using back and forward navigation buttons

The Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary for Mac also includes a flashcard feature to aid memorization. The dictionary has an Internet connectivity option, so you can look up any word online to see many more usage examples. Try a free 10-day trial of the Mac edition and purchase your new Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary today from the Ultralingua website.

Get the app for your iPhone, iPod or iPad and always have your dictionary in your pocket.

Ultralingua Update for Mac Includes Latin Verb Conjugation

Haber or habebimus? The next time you're not sure how to conjugate "to have," let Ultralingua do it for you.

The new Ultralingua 7.1.11 update is now available for all Mac dictionaries.

The update includes a new verb conjugation feature for the Ultralingua Latin-English Dictionary for Mac. When you are struggling to remember 20 different combinations of tenses, moods and active/passive voice for each verb, the verb conjugation tool can solve it for you instantly. Type your word into the verb conjugator or click on a dictionary definition, and it immediately displays all the standard tenses and forms of the verb.

The conjugation tool is part of the free update for Latin-English Dictionary owners for Mac. We would like to especially thank our new Latin-English editor Rob Hardy for his work on the conjugator.

iOS 5 Compatibility Update Launches

Apple is scheduled to release the iOS 5 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on October 12. The highly anticipated release has already received rave reviews for over 200 new features and an enhanced design.

Ultralingua has updated all of its apps to version 1.4.2 for full compatibility. The Ultralingua update is ready now and will work with iOS 5 as soon as it arrives. Be sure to get the free update prompted by your device to enjoy your Ultralingua dictionary with the new interface. Contact customer support with any questions.

Win an Ultralingua T-Shirt!

Are you passionate about your dictionary? Display your Ultralingua pride with our new t-shirts and sweatshirts.

You can catch the Ultralingua staff wearing their t-shirts around the office regularly, and since a few of our Facebook fans asked for some of their own, we thought we'd make them available for purchase online.

Visit the online t-shirt store to pick your favorite color and size.

Check out Ultralingua on Facebook and try our trivia question for a chance to win a FREE t-shirt. Just between us, remember that small islands can have a big impact.

Spotlight: Smart Search

When we started making dictionaries, we set out to make it as easy as possible to find what you're looking for. We believe you should always be able to find quality definitions and translations, even if you aren't sure how to spell it or the term itself is unfamiliar to you.

We made our dictionary and verb search tools smarter over the years so you could get the word you need quickly and effectively.

  • The next best thing to a mind reader, smart search completes the word as you type
  • Looking for "house"? Smart search recommends related words, such as "housekeeper" and "the White House"
  • Smart search rescues poor spellers by finding the correct word, so when you're working in an unfamiliar language, we solve spelling confusion
  • Stores history of past searches for easy reference
  • Smart search works on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and webOS, so you're covered whatever your platform

Through this intuitive search, Ultralingua's vast databases are even easier to navigate. This search capability has become a standard of Ultralingua products and works on any platform. When an unfamiliar word pops up in your conversation or reading, smart search will help you find the definition or translation in seconds. Smart search makes the dictionary more accessible, one word at a time.

Update from Apple

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple, passed away on Wednesday, October 5 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Jobs was an inspiration to many, as his business grew from its humble origin in a garage into a Fortune 500 company.

Jobs' revolutionary technology was not only faster and more powerful than anything previously imagined, but always emphasized easy user-friendly features. Today's world is indebted to Jobs for bringing us technology that enhances our lives and shows all the possibilities for the future. The Ultralingua staff admires Jobs' accomplishments, creativity, pursuit for quality, and focus on consumers, and we will continue to be inspired by his innovations as we move forward.


On Oct. 4, Apple officially launched the iPhone 4S amidst much buzz in the technology world. Due to the iOS 5 compatibility update, all Ultralingua products will work with the iPhone 4S.

We love many aspects of the new phone, including the dual A-5 chip which boasts twice the power and seven times the memory. The iCloud system stores all your favorite files in one convenient location, and the Retina display makes the image crisp and clear.

Perhaps the most discussed new feature is Siri, the Voice Assist app that responds to your verbal requests. Just ask and your iPhone will tell you the weather, the top news, and any meetings you may have forgotten. The iPhone 4S also introduced an incredible new camera with 8-megapixel revolution and HD video.

The iPhone 4S will be available in the U.S., France, Germany, Australia, Canada, the U.K. and Japan on October 14. The 16GB model will cost $199, the 32GB will cost $299, and the 64GB model will be $399.

Ultralingua is excited about this new step in technology development and looks forward to capitalizing on these features in our upcoming products.

Tools to Try: The Eggcorn Database

Squirrels may love acorns, but few eat eggcorns. Words that sound like other words are easy to get confused, whether in daily conversation or in writing.

The Eggcorn Database collects often mistaken words and where they appear in publications, including presitigous sources like the New York Times.

The site can be a helpful resource for the student debating between “chalk it up” and “chock it up,” or an entertaining read about some embarrassing mistakes. Visit The Eggcorn Database and look through their archives, or contribute your own word confusion finds in the forum.

The site is currently only in English, and can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. Visit The Eggcorn Database today to avoid word confusion and learn from others' mistakes.

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