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VOLUME 11, NEWSLETTER 9 September 2009
Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary
Mac 7.1.7
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New Ultralingua Website
Frankfurt Book Fair 2009
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The Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary is Here!

The Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary is now available for Mac users.

In September, Ultralingua released a Spanish monolingual dictionary and thesaurus through a partnership with the popular Vox brand. The incredibly thorough Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary includes both Latin American and European varieties of Spanish, and clearly indicates regional differences within the dictionary definitions.

By eliminating the guesswork in translating regional dialects, this feature helps you avoid embarrassing mistakes. It also includes a verb tool, which will help you conjugate correctly every time.

Along with the ability to identify regional differences, the Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary for Mac includes:

  • An interface that allows you to search as you type
  • Personalized flashcard creation
  • Number-to-text translation
  • Verb conjugation
Mac 7.1.7 Now Available

We have recently released an updated version of our popular Ultralingua 7 dictionary for Mac. This update brings more efficient navigation of Ultralingua 7 along with access to the new Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary.

Updates for Mac 7.1.7 include:

  • Larger text in the Ultralingua Dashboard Widget for easier visibility
    • To enable the updated Ultralingua Dashboard Widget, click Preferences in the Ultralingua menu.
    • Uncheck and re-check the Dashboard: box.
    • When asked to install, click the "Install" button.
  • Added support in the Help menu
  • An improved search function and alphabetization in the Norwegian-English dictionary
  • Compatibility with the new Vox Comprehensive Spanish dictionary

Installation Instructions

If you are a current Ultralingua 7 user, your update is free! To get the free update, simply choose Check for Updates under your Ultralingua menu. You'll see one window titled Software Update describing the new version.

You might see a second window titled Dictionary Updates telling you that an update is available for one or more of your dictionaries. If you see both windows, then follow these steps for a successful installation:

  1. In the Dictionary Updates window, click the Download Now button. This will install the latest dictionary data.
  2. Then, in the Software Update window, click the Install Update button. This will install the new version.
  3. After the update is complete, click the Install and Relaunch button. Ultralingua will close. Re-open Ultralingua with the new version installed and your new dictionary data will be ready for use.
  4. If you only see the Software Update window, then simply click the Install Update button followed by the Install and Relaunch button.

If you are using Ultralingua version 6 or earlier, you can upgrade for only $19.95 at the Ultralingua website.

Attention Palm Pre Users!

We are proud to announce that 14 Ultralingua dictionaries will be available for purchase directly through Palm Pre's updated App Catalog in October. These webOS apps are compatible with the Palm Pre as well as the Palm Pixi, which is scheduled to be released in late 2009. Features of our Palm Pre Apps include:

  • Back/Forward buttons for easy navigation
  • Verb conjugations to aide in translating conversational text
  • Number-to-text translation
  • An integrated history interface which provides easy access to recently searched verbs, definitions, and number translations

Our Palm Pre apps have a streamlined webOS interface paired with powerful functionality. They are available for just $9.99 for the English Dictionary, $14.99 for the Latin-English dictionary, $14.99 for the Esperanto-English Dictionary, $49.99 for the French-English Medical Dictionary, and $19.99 for all other language applications.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you to everyone who voiced support to Palm regarding the request for an SDK!

The New Ultralingua.com is Coming Soon!

We are busy creating a new and improved Ultralingua website, which we hope to launch later this fall. Log on to www.ultralingua.com in the coming weeks to discover easier navigation, more detailed product information, and more.

New additions will include:

  • The ability to browse products by language
  • Product pages with detailed information about every product we offer
  • A new Special Offers section, with dictionary bundles and special deals

If you can't wait to see the new site, consider becoming a beta tester! If you are interested, apply by emailing your name and contact information to beta@ultralingua.com. We will let you know as soon as we have a project available for testing, and provide you with plenty of testing instruction. We hope to hear from you!

Ultralingua at Frankfurt Book Fair 2009

Ultralingua will visit with customers and vendors at this year's Frankfurter Buchmesse. If you have an interest in digital language tools you can make an appointment to meet with us. Use the Book Fair search and appointment scheduling tool online at the Frankfurt Book Fair website under the company name of Ultralingua.

If you will not be attending the fair as a trade representative but will be in attendance, we'll have a limited number of appointments available for general business (contact our offices at business@ultralingua.com).

We look forward to meeting you!

September Spotlight: Flashcards

Whether it be for brushing up on basic terminology before a business trip, studying for a test, or simply improving your vocabulary, the flashcard feature is an incredibly handy tool. It works with any Mac or Windows dictionary by Ultralingua, and runs in full-screen mode with familiar slide show controls.

To start using this feature on your Mac or Windows computer:

  1. Open your Ultralingua dictionary module.
  2. Select Flashcards under the TOOLS menu located in the left navigation sidebar.
  3. Select the dictionary or language pair.
  4. Click the "+" button.
  5. Enter a word for the front of your flashcard.
  6. Use the tab key or mouse to move to the next field.
  7. An editable definition will automatically appear in the field.
  8. As you continue to create more cards, the list will appear in the window.

You can edit the contents of a card at any time by clicking on its entry in the list.

The cards can be viewed in a slide show where you can select which group of cards to study, automate playback speed, and customize the order of the cards!


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