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Sidebar: Talk Like a Pirate
Ahoy, matey! Did you know that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? We may not have an app for Pirate Speak (not yet, anyway), but we're happy to help you communicate like a high seas buccaneer in whichever language you prefer. Isn't "yarrrr" universally understood?

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Something New: The Ultralingua Dictionary App

We made you wait, we made you guess, but it's finally here!


Amazing, gorgeous, pleasant, intuitive, smart, efficient, extraordinary ... it might seem like we're talking about the Ultralingua team, but that's actually how some of you have been describing the new Ultralingua Dictionary app. After a year of hard work and anticipation, we were delighted to release the new Ultralingua on August 16th. In case you haven't checked it out on your own yet, here's what happy Ultralingua Dictionary users have to say about our new app:

  • "a much improved, quicker and more pleasant user experience with the best and richest dictionary content ... a very satisfied customer of a great product."
  • "Gorgeous UI, beautiful translations, great integration of conjugations and numbers. Well worth paying again even just to have all my dictionaries in one app."
  • "I liked the previous version a lot, but I really love this one. It's so easy to use ... The conjugator's display is a big improvement on an already excellent tool ... Great app."

We think it's great, too! We're excited about the new features, such as the favorites list, the translated verb conjugations, and the pretty new design; we're also proud of the things we've improved, like the explanations of parts of speech and the impressive search function.

Have you been using the new Ultralingua? How will it help you this Fall? Let us know what your favorite details or improvements are, and have a look at the blog for more!

Extra Credit: Version 2.0.1

Even our smart new app is doing some studying up before school starts. This month, we'll be making these little fixes to the new Ultralingua Dictionary so it's sharp for the new year:

  • The "Did you mean?" search function. Now our new app will include the suggested search results that you love in our other products.
  • Improved tap-to-view, making it easier to tap and expand specific dictionary entries.
  • Fixed settings for the Palatino font, so entries are displayed fully.

The new Ultralingua Dictionary helps keep you and your dictionaries organized by holding them all in one place, with easy access to each individual dictionary within the app. Now your iPhone or iPad -- not to mention your backpack -- will be less cluttered than ever.

Still Have Questions?
Of course, we still love our other dictionary apps, and we're glad you do, too. If you don't want to move to the new Ultralingua Dictionary, you don't have to!

If you'd like to know more about moving to the new Ultralingua Dictionary and what it means for people who have already purchased other Ultralingua products, have a look at our FAQ post on the blog. You'll also find this informative post, which addresses some of the concerns we've heard from you. Additionally, you can check out some reviews of the app from other sites.

It's because we appreciate the enthusiasm you've shown for our other apps and tools that we wanted to design an even better dictionary app for you. And even though the Ultralingua Dictionary app is brand new, we have bigger plans for it; your input will help us make the Ultralingua Dictionary the best it can be -- the best language tool available.

Most importantly, we are listening. As always, we are open to your thoughts and suggestions for any of our products, and look forward to continuing to make apps for you in the future.

Ultralingua Online Dictionary

Back to school season is looking a little more grown up this year, thanks to our newly redesigned Ultralingua Online Dictionary! It doesn't weigh a thing, doesn't take up any more room than your laptop does, and is instantly accessible wherever you have a web connection. And this month, you can get a Pro subscription to the Online Dictionary for a fraction of the usual price!


Get started with your free user account to enjoy some of the new features we've been talking about. Have some fun with our unlimited free searches and make a favorites list out of words you want to remember.

But if you need your dictionary to do more, we have that covered, too. The new Pro subscription to the Ultralingua Online Dictionary is perfect for learning a new language or working in your native one as you get back to writing during the new school season. We've had a lot to say about the Online Dictionary and the Pro account's great features, but here are just a few of our favorite things about going Pro:

  • The reference section, which is full of detailed references on tricky grammatical concepts. Some of the languages even include sample business letters, invitations, and résumés.
  • Export favorites to access important entries offline.
  • Ad-free, for better focus while you study.

And there's never been a better time to sign up for a Pro account. To ease your transition into the new school year, we're offering you a year long subscription for just $5. That's over 80% off the usual $29.95 price! The sale lasts through Monday, September 10th. Just click the "Go Pro" button on the Online Dictionary page, and enter the coupon code "backpack" during checkout.

On top of all of that, we're now using newly updated data from Wordnet 3.0 for the English monolingual and Italian-English dictionaries, so they work better than ever. Go see for yourself!

Back to School Tools to Try

This month we're happy to feature other language tools that are ideal for the busy schedules that often come with the Fall. Whether you're headed back to the classroom or learning languages on your own, we think you'll love working with these Tools to Try.

For Spanish and Portuguese speakers working on English, Voxy offers an immersion experience at home. It uses content already on your computer or mobile device to build personalized language lessons, helping you to learn language from life itself.

Voxy is offering a 60% discount on their Voxy Premium account for Ultralingua users!

Brainscape's technology works with your skills in their adaptive flashcard system, where your confidence determines how often certain words and phrases are displayed. It's brain science meets language learning! You can change your ratings to shift focus and practice any time with their apps for German, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

SpeechTrans, the world's most advanced speech-to-text translator, translates and dictates while you talk. With Speech-to-Speech (S2S), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and Text-to-Speech (TTS) all in one place, SpeechTrans enables you to communicate without barriers in 54 possible languages.

Get a renewable 50% discount on subscription to SpeechTrans Messenger! Head over to the blog for details.

We love that these Tools to Try offer quick and engaging language learning programs that are easy to fit into your spare time, turning your commute or extra minutes between classes into the perfect opportunity for brushing up on your skills. And what better time of year is there for blending language with technology?

Top 10 Invented Languages

Have you ever invented a word or coined a new phrase? As professor, writer, and editor Michael Adams points out, "language invention and invented languages have an unexpected allure." Judging by the number of invented languages created over the years, it sounds as if he's on to something. Because we can't cover all of those languages, we had our friend Michael Adams, author of From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages, rate his top 10 favorite invented languages and share a little about the history of each of them.


From Klingon to Esperanto, this list has everything. We would love to hear what you think about the list! Which invented language is your favorite? Which invented languages would make your list? Comment on our blog to let us know. And if you want to hear more of Michael Adams' thoughts on invented languages, check out our interview with him from earlier this summer.

Practice Makes Perfect: Interview with Ultralingua user Sheng Yufeng

As we get ready for school to start again, we wanted to share an interview with an undergraduate student majoring in a language. Sheng Yufeng is a student in China who is majoring in Spanish. She shares with us how she chose Spanish as a major, what she plans to do with her language major, and her favorite language learning tips.

High on Sheng's list of language tips is reading in the language you're trying to learn. She even suggests reading aloud to get familiar with speaking the language as well as memorizing it. Sheng believes that when it comes to learning a language, practice makes perfect, and we agree!

Sheng also uses our Spanish-English Collins Pro Dictionary on her iPod touch when studying. Do you have a language story you would like to share with us? Email us at newsletter@ultralingua.com.

Thank you for your interest in our newsletter. If you have comments or suggestions regarding our newsletter please contact us here. If you have technical support questions, please visit our support page to read our FAQ and contact customer support.

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