Ultralingua Launches “Apps for Aid” Language Software Donation Program

Summary: Ultralingua announces a new donations program in an effort to facilitate multilingual communication where it is needed most.

Media Contact:
Ashleigh Lincoln
Marketing and Media Relations



December 6, 2011

(Minneapolis, Minn.) Language software startup Ultralingua launched their Apps for Aid program this week, making it possible for non-profit organizations to receive donations of Ultralingua’s complete and reliable language reference and translation tools.

Ultralingua’s translation dictionaries, medical dictionaries, phrasebooks, and other language reference apps facilitate communication across language barriers. They provide translations in context, example phrases, and information about current usage with no internet connection required. Individuals and organizations providing services internationally can struggle with communication even with some language training, so having access to translations for various geographic regions is crucial.

Ultralingua’s Ashleigh Lincoln explained, “The Apps for Aid program is two-fold. We provide product donations to partner organizations in a variety of areas, including disaster relief, education, medical care, engineering, immigration and more to make communication across languages easier. The apps are designed for quick navigation and search results, so they are great in the field. We also create specific apps for the program on occasion.”

Following the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010, Ultralingua developed a Haitian Medical Reference Guide application for iPhone and iPod touch. The app contains a Haitian Creole-English medical dictionary and an audio phrasebook, as well as a cultural reference tool uniquely suited for medical professionals. Nurses, doctors, and relief workers were provided the app free of charge and were thus able to help their Haitian-Creole speaking patients more effectively during the relief effort. Like all Ultralingua applications, the Haitian Medical Reference Guide requires no internet connection to function, so it can be used anywhere.

Lincoln continued, “We are constantly on the lookout for ways to use our apps for good, and donations were clearly the best path forward. We’ve worked with non-profits in the past to provide a few donated copies here and there, and we always had such positive feedback. We knew it was time to get the word out and expand the scope if we wanted to make a real difference.”

Ultralingua launches the Apps for Aid program with partner International Medical Relief (IMR), a non-profit organization that sends short-term medical mission trips to locations worldwide. They have been using the Haitian Medical Reference Guide app on their trips to Haiti since 2010, and will begin using the Spanish-English applications on their trips to Peru and Panama in 2012.

IMR president Shauna King commented, “Our teams use iPhones and Mac computers in the field already, which made Ultralingua apps a perfect solution for us. The Haitian app has been central to our success communicating with patients, so we can’t wait to start using the Spanish applications in the coming year.”

Organizations interested in participating in the Apps for Aid program can learn more at Ultralingua’s website. The startup offers applications for iPhone and iPad, Mac, Windows, and other devices for dozens of language combinations. Medical dictionaries are available for Spanish-English and French-English, while comprehensive translation dictionaries come in combinations of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Norwegian, and more.

About Ultralingua:

Ultralingua makes high-quality mobile applications for people who love languages. We have been developing reference tools for business, education, and travel since 1997.

Our apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, the web, and other mobile devices. Ultralingua’s dictionaries are compiled by a team of language professionals, including linguists, university professors, and professional translators. Our uniquely collaborative approach to software development results in applications that represent the best in design and linguistics.

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