Ultralingua announces Russian-English dictionary apps

Summary: Ultralingua’s Russian-English dictionary app for Mac, iPhone and iPad is first of its kind, including verb conjugation, number to text translation, and more.

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Ashleigh Lincoln
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July 7, 2011

(Minneapolis, Minn.) Ultralingua is excited to announce the release of their new Collins Pro Russian-English Translation Dictionary for iOS and Mac. This iPhone and iPad app, available in the App Store now, includes thousands of entries, complete Russian and English verb conjugation, number to text translation, and more.

Ultralingua partnered with publisher HarperCollins to create this app using their most comprehensive Russian dictionary data.

Ultralingua has created dictionaries and other language apps for years, but this is their first Russian language product. Many app developers have struggled to create powerful Russian-English reference apps simply because it is such a challenge to find quality dictionary data.

“We partnered with HarperCollins because their legacy of producing exhaustive dictionaries was a perfect fit for what we wanted to do,” says Ultralingua’s general manager Loring Harrop. “We set out to get the best possible dictionary content, so that when we added in our unique app features like verb conjugation and number translation, we’d have the most reliable tool out there. We’re a bunch of language learners ourselves, so we know how important that reliability is.”

Ultralingua, known for their French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese dictionaries and language reference tools, is taking their move into additional languages seriously. Their first Russian apps are much more than dictionaries. Verb conjugations are available for thousands of verbs in all standard forms, pronunciation stress is marked on all Russian entries, plurals, irregular forms, and case information are provided for all parts of speech, and more.

The Collins Pro Russian-English Dictionary for iPhone and iPad is available now in the App Store ($24.99 USD) and the Mac version ($34.95 USD) can be downloaded for a completely free 10-day trial at Ultralingua.com.

About Ultralingua:

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