Ultralingua announces new Vox Essential Spanish-Italian Dictionary

Summary: A new Spanish-Italian dictionary from Ultralingua and Vox offers translations, conjugations, and more.

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Ashleigh Lincoln
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July 13, 2011

(Minneapolis, Minn.) Marking another successful year of partnership, Ultralingua and Vox have joined forces to release a new Spanish-Italian dictionary for beginner language learners. Vox Essential Spanish-Italian Dictionary for Mac and iOS was designed specifically for Spanish speakers learning Italian, and contains several features to make finding translations, grammar references, pronunciations, and more as easy as possible.

Vox is uniquely positioned to develop Spanish-Italian dictionary content. A subsidiary of Larousse Editorial, Vox has an extensive catalog of bilingual dictionary titles. Their Essential range was created specifically for beginning learners, with various features to make the dictionary content accessible, including:

  • Clear and precise translations of current Italian and Spanish
  • Common terms and expressions, neologisms, technical terms, etc
  • Lots of expressions, phrases, examples of use and grammatical notes
  • Context indicators to help choose the correct translation
  • Phonetic transcription of Italian words
  • Summary of Italian grammar

Using this specialized dictionary content, Ultralingua created iOS and Mac apps with their popular smart search tool, verb conjugations in Spanish and Italian, transcriptions of numerals into Spanish and Italian text, and much more. The Mac app includes an additional flashcard tool to make memorization easy, as well as Spanish and Italian grammar references.

Learn more about Vox Essential Spanish-Italian Dictionary at Ultralingua’s website. Download the Mac dictionary app for a completely free 10-day trial, and visit iTunes to learn more about the iPhone and iPad dictionary.

About Ultralingua:

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