Monolingual Spanish Dictionary Available for Students Seeking Immersion Experience

Summary: Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary by Ultralingua includes flashcards, verb conjugations and more.

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Ashleigh Lincoln
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September 30, 2009

(Minneapolis, Minn.) Spanish speakers and language students see a new resource this week: a monolingual Spanish dictionary complete with a verb conjugation tool, flashcard generator, and number translator. This comes as the Vox dictionary brand partners with Ultralingua software to offer the ultimate Spanish product for the back to school season.

"Students studying a second language need to immerse themselves in it as much as possible" Explains Loring Harrop, General Manager of Ultralingua. "Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary provides a means for students to experience this as they study - we see that using a monolingual resource yields better results."

There has been significant research by CARLA (The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition) on language immersion which indicates higher levels of proficiency among immersion students than those whose studies are translation based. Linguists and researchers find that there is a level of meaning in language often lost in translation and relying on a monolingual resource can be a solution. Increased exposure to a language has been linked to increased proficiency.

Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary includes both Latin American and European varieties of Spanish, and clearly indicates regional differences within the dictionary definitions. It includes a flashcard tool in both the Mac and Windows software which allows users to create, organize, store, and review flashcards in an attractive 3D viewer. It is also available for iPhone in the App Store.

The dictionary contains more than 53,000 headwords with more than 112,000 definitions, as well as 12,000 synonyms. Ultralingua also offers a monolingual French dictionary here.

About Ultralingua, Inc:

Ultralingua, Inc. was founded in 1997, with a mission to develop high-quality language tools for the business, education, and travel markets. What started as a French Dictionary for the Mac platform has turned into a leading provider of software and web-based dictionaries and language tools.

Our notable clients include publishers HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, the Government of Canada, Carlton College, and the World Organization of Nuclear Operators (WANO). Ultralingua's dictionaries are compiled by a team of language professionals, including linguists, university professors, and professional translators.