French-English Dictionary Pack

French-English Dictionary Pack

Get three of Ultralingua’s best selling dictionaries for one low price.

This French-English Dictionary Pack includes the English Dictionary of Definitions, The French Dictionary of Definitions, and the French-English Dictionary. Look up translations in the French-English Dictionary, and then check detailed definitions for the English and French results in the monolingual dictionaries. The French Dictionary contains over 180,000 definitions under more than 85,000 headwords, while the English Dictionary of Definitions includes over 300,000 definitions under more than 85,000 headwords.

This pack offers complete definitions for every translation - the ultimate academic reference for any French or English student.

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary

French-English Dictionary

Bring your English Dictionary and French Dictionary together with translations in Ultralingua's best-selling French-English dictionary. This popular product contains over 270,000 detailed definitions under about 85,000 headwords. Learn More »

English Dictionary of Definitions

This English lexicon contains over 300,000 definitions under more than 85,000 headwords. Looking for a complete thesaurus? This product includes more than 65,000 synonyms – making it one of the most complete word lists available.

This English Dictionary is an excellent addition to this pack because it provides examples of use, synonyms, and multiple definitions for every translation in the translation dictionary. Learn More »

Ultralingua French Dictionary

French Dictionary of Definitions

This complete French academic reference contains over 180,000 definitions under more than 85,000 headwords. The thesaurus boasts more than 17,000 synonyms – you’ll always find the word you need.

This French Dictionary makes a perfect complement to the French-English translation dictionary because it provides detailed definitions and examples of use for every translation. Give the combination a try in the free trial! Learn More »