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Join the 300 million French language speakers world-wide and check out our eight dictionary options.

These Ultralingua dictionaries are the best resource for anyone learning French as a foreign language.

With a monolingual dictionary and thesaurus, bilingual, and medical dictionary options, all of your French language needs can be met.


French Dictionary and Thesaurus by Ultralingua

French Dictionary and Thesaurus by Ultralingua

This complete French academic reference contains over 180,000 definitions for more than 85,000 headwords. The thesaurus boasts more than 17,000 synonyms – you’ll always find the word you need. Learn More »
French-English Dictionary by Ultralingua

French-English Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-English dictionary includes over 270,000 detailed definitions for about 85,000 headwords. Learn More »
French-English Medical Dictionary

French-English Medical Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-English Medical dictionary includes over 330,000 detailed definitions for about 130,000 headwords. Learn More »
French-German Dictionary Product

French-German Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-German dictionary includes over 190,000 detailed definitions for about 55,000 headwords. Learn More »
French-Italian Dictionary Product

French-Italian Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-Italian dictionary includes over 115,000 detailed definitions for about 50,000 headwords. Learn More »
Dictionary French-Portuguese Ultralingua

French-Portuguese Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-Portuguese dictionary includes over 245,000 detailed definitions for about 49,000 headwords. Learn More »
French-Spanish Dictionary Product

French-Spanish Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-Spanish dictionary includes over 200,000 detailed definitions for about 65,000 headwords. Learn More »

Special Offers

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary Pack

French-English Dictionary Pack

Get three of Ultralingua’s best selling dictionaries for the price of two! This French-English Dictionary Pack includes the English Dictionary of Definitions, The French Dictionary of Definitions, and the French-English Dictionary. This pack offers complete definitions for every translation. Learn more »