German Language Products

Did you know? The English language has taken many loan words from German!

German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union, so whether you’re planning a visit or learning the language for fun, these translation and verb conjugation tools can assist you in your language endeavors.

Ultralingua offers five comprehensive English, French, Italian, and Spanish bilingual German dictionaries.


German-English Dictionary

German-English Dictionary by Ultralingua

This German-English dictionary includes over 295,000 detailed definitions for about 95,000 headwords. Learn More »
Collins German-English Dictionary Product

German-English Collins Pro Dictionary

Easily search over 110,000 German-English definitions for about 85,000 headwords using high-performance Ultralingua features. Learn More »
French-German Dictionary Product

French-German Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-German dictionary includes over 190,000 detailed definitions for about 55,000 headwords. Learn More »
German-Italian Dictionary by Ultralingua

German-Italian Dictionary by Ultralingua

This German-Italian dictionary includes over 215,000 detailed definitions for about 59,000 headwords. Learn More »
Spanish-German Dictionary Product

Spanish-German Dictionary by Ultralingua

This German-Spanish dictionary includes over 255,000 detailed definitions for about 75,000 headwords. Learn More »