Conversational Klingon
from Simon & Schuster

Version 1.1 for iPhone & iPod touch
System Requirements
  • OS 2.2+
  • 30 MB Free disk space
Simon and Schuster Conversational Klingon
Klingon Pronunciation Guide

Grammar and pronunciation

Conversational Klingon is the best tool for learning Klingon grammar and pronunciation, the lessons were authored by the creator of the Klingon language and are narrated by Worf, Star Trek® actor Michael Dorn.

Ultralingua’s playback tools allow you to replay a word or phrase until you’ve mastered the pronunciation, and the lessons help you through proper Klingon grammar like no other Klingon language tool can. The Klingon language is more than a list of words – it is a complex language complete with its own syntax, vocabulary, and usage guidelines.

Start learning this popular language today with Conversational Klingon!

Klingon Searchable Audio

Searchable audio

Search the audio library with the handy search tool to find all appearances of a certain phrase or topic in the lessons.

The search function returns a results list complete with text previews to choose from. You’ll clearly see every appearance of your search term in the user-friendly audio index. Select part of a lesson and navigate to it using standard playback tools, and it takes just one click to return to the index to explore other results.

Klingon Topical Table of Contents

Table of contents

Conversational Klingon audio lessons are catalogued by topic in Ultralingua’s easy to browse Table of contents.

Choose a section of the audio lessons by selecting any category – from Greetings to Local Bars – and listen to the corresponding audio lesson complete with visual flashcards. The Table of contents makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Klingon Language Flashcards

Flashcards show Klingon text

Audio lessons not enough? Ultralingua has you covered.

At timed sections of the Conversational Klingon audio lessons, text flashcards appear for an added visual learning aid. You’ll see the Klingon text appear as the audio plays, helping with pronunciation and retention.

The audio and visual combination will have you speaking Klingon in no time.

Klingon Language Audio Compatibility


You can make the audio lessons do even more when you pair them with the Klingon dictionary and phrasebook programs.

With the Klingon Language Suite you have access to the Klingon dictionary, phrasebook, and audio lesson tools all from one user-friendly interface.

Look up a Klingon word from the audio lesson in your Klingon dictionary by selecting the dictionary tool from the menu. Find a word you like in the dictionary and put it to use by finding phrases that contain it in the phrasebook. This complete language suite has all the tools you need to pick up Klingon like a pro.

Conversational Klingon Product Summary

Product summary

Simon & Schuster’s Conversational Klingon includes:

  • Audio lessons
  • View flashcards in conjunction with the lessons
  • Table of contents for easy navigation
  • Learn grammar and pronunciation
  • Bi-directional search
  • Searchable audio
  • Language suite compatible
  • Available anywhere