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Simon and Schuster Klingon-English Dictionary
Klingon Word Dissector

Klingon Dissector

The Klingon-English Dissector analyzes and describes Klingon words. Enter any Klingon word into the Dissector to see the structure of the word including both noun and verb suffixes and prefixes.

From the Dissector you can also access quick reference for all types of Klingon nouns and verbs. There you will find descriptions and examples of how Klingon words are formed and arranged.

Klingon Language Flashcards


Customize your deck with exactly the words you need. Flashcards can be grouped by topic using folders or colors and reorganized whenever you like. You can let the auto-fill option supply the definition for you, or enter your own. Store your flashcards as long as you need them, and edit or delete when you see fit.

Ready to study? Choose the cards you want, their order, the speed you view them, and which side you see first. It's as simple as that.

Increasing your vocabulary is a breeze with our stylish 3D flashcards. Like to give it a try? Click on the 10-day free trial above.

Klingon Language Number Translator

Number translator

128. One hundred twenty eight. Wa'vatlh cha'maH chorgh.

Our Numbers tool can give you this information and more in just seconds.

  • Begin typing in the digits you want to translate
  • Watch the number grow as you type
  • Choose your language from the selection bar
  • Get the text for the number

The Numbers tool is simple and fun to use.

Klingon Language Lemmatized Search

Lemmatized search

Search any form of a word, from conditional to imperative, to find a definition. Simon & Schuster's Klingon-English dictionary powered by Ultralingua recognizes related words and forms and automatically provide what you need. Search 'mesmerizing' and it identifies it as the present participle of 'mesmerize', provides a complete definition and gives examples of use.

Automatic form recognition gives you the edge over paper dictionary users.

Klingon Verb Conjugator

Verb conjugations

Conjugating verbs just got easier. Begin typing the verb you want into Ultralingua's conjugation tool. As you do the conjugator will display possibilities, so even if you don't know how to spell it, you can find it. Click on the tense you need to view all standard forms. Using the search and select features you can move easily between tenses, from pluperfect to conditional, with just a click.

It also recommends verbs for related words: search 'dog' and the conjugator suggests 'dog-ear' and 'doggy-paddle'. Use the conjugator to browse and navigate through thousands of English verbs more efficiently than a bulky verb book allows.

Does this sound like your kind of language tool? Try it free for 10 days. Just click on the offer above.

Product Summary

Product summary

The Klingon-English Dictionary includes:

  • 5,000 headwords
  • 7,000 definitions
  • Verb conjugations
  • Flashcard generator*
  • Number translator
  • Internet tools
  • Reference guide*
  • Automatic form recognition
  • Advanced search*
  • Available anywhere
  • Hotkey enabled *
  • Search as you type
  • Usage notes
  • Search history

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