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Version 1.1 for iPhone & iPod touch
System Requirements
  • OS 2.2+
  • 10 MB Free disk space
Simon and Schuster Klingon Phrasebook
Klingon Audio Phrases

Audio phrases

Each of the 50 phrases in the Klingon phrasebook is accompanied by audio pronunciation, many of which provide examples of use. Each phrase is also paired with a visual aid. You’ll learn phrases faster when you can see the Klingon and English phrases in text.

Many of the phrases are narrated by Worf, actor Michael Dorn, of the popular Star Trek: Next Generation® and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® series.

Easy to Navigate Categories

Easy to navigate

Everything from ordering a drink to declaring war is covered in eight different categories – easy to browse, select and play. Phrases are grouped by use, making it easy to choose an appropriate phrase for a situation.

Use the bi-directional and text search features for added convenience.

Bi-Directional Klingon and English Search

Bi-directional search

Learn phrases in either language with the bi-directional search feature. Switch languages within the phrasebook with a single click. The list of categories and each individual phrase can be switched from English to Klingon and back again with ease.

Klingon Language Text Search

Text search

Find phrases containing certain words in Klingon or English using the popular search-as-you-type interface. The search results list narrows as you type the word, which makes finding a word you don’t know the complete spelling of a breeze.

Try it in both English and Klingon as an advanced search tool.

Klingon Language Audio Compatibility


Compatible with Klingon dictionary and audio learning programs.

With the Klingon Language Suite you have access to the Klingon dictionary, phrasebook, and audio lesson tools all from one user-friendly interface.

Look up a Klingon word from the audio lesson in your Klingon dictionary by selecting the dictionary tool from the menu. Find a word you like in the dictionary and put it to use by finding phrases that contain it in the phrasebook. This complete language suite has all the tools you need to pick up Klingon like a pro.

Klingon Phrasebook Product Summary

Product summary

Simon & Schuster’s Klingon-English Phrasebook includes:

  • Audio Phrases
  • Categories for easy navigation
  • Bi-directional search
  • Text search
  • Language suite compatible
  • Available anywhere