Klingon Language Products

Klingon Language Products

A working knowledge of Klingon can mean the difference between life and death when dealing with this warrior culture.

Simon & Schuster's Klingon-English dictionary is approved by the Klingon Language Institute - it provides 7000 detailed definitions of over 5000 headwords. A phrase book is indispensable for travel in the Klingon Empire, and our Audio Lessons will assist you in perfecting the pronunciation. With Ultralingua's range of products you will achieve honor and glory in all Klingon cultural ventures.


Klingon-English Dictionary Product

Klingon-English Dictionary by Simon and Schuster

This Klingon Language Institute-approved English-Klingon dictionary includes over 7,000 detailed definitions for about 5,000 headwords. Learn More »

Audio Learning

Conversational Klingon Audio Learning

Conversational Klingon Audio Learning

With narration by Worf (actor Michael Dorn) of the popular Star Trek® series, this tool introduces students of interplanetary language and culture to the nuances of Klingon. Learn More »
Klingon-English Phrase Book Product

Klingon-English Phrasebook

An essential tool for tourists in the Klingon sector of the galaxy, this application offers 50 phrases with audio pronunciation. Learn More »

Special Offers

Star Trek® Klingon Language Suite

Klingon Language Suite

Get three of Ultralingua’s popular Klingon products – working together on your iPhone or iPod touch – for one low price. Simon & Schuster’s Klingon-English Dictionary, Klingon-English Phrasebook, and Conversational Klingon Audio Lessons will help you master this exciting language on the go. Learn more »