Klingon Language Suite

Star Trek® Klingon Language Suite

Get three of Ultralingua’s popular Klingon products – working together on your iPhone or iPod touch – for one low price.

Simon & Schuster’s Klingon-English Dictionary contains more than 7,000 definitions under 5,000 headwords. The easy to use Klingon-English Phrasebook is packed with 50 of the most entertaining and practical phrases to put your Klingon to use.

Conversational Klingon Audio Lessons is narrated by Worf and authored by Dr. Marc Okrand (the creator of the Klingon language.) The lessons guide you through the language and culture of Klingon and come complete with visual flashcards to help with pronunciation. The combination of these three Klingon language products will help you master this exciting language on the go.

Simon and Schuster Klingon-English Dictionary

Klingon-English Dictionary

Simon & Schuster's battle-tested Klingon-English dictionary is at its best with the power of Ultralingua. This powerful product contains Dr. Marc Okrand's complete lexicon of over 7,000 detailed definitions under about 5,000 headwords.

Use the dictionary to look up words and phrases you find in the audio lessons or phrasebook. You'll get definitions complete with examples of use and context. The Klingon-English dictionary is approved by the Klingon Language Institute - the experts on all things Klingon - so you know you can count on it as a reference tool. Learn More »

Simon and Schuster Klingon Phrasebook

Klingon Phrasebook

An essential tool for tourists in the Klingon sector of the galaxy, this application offers 50 phrases with audio pronunciation. The application is fully searchable and works in both directions - handy for Klingons taking those first tentative steps on Terran soil. Learn More »

Simon and Schuster Conversational Klingon

Conversational Klingon

Taught by Worf (actor Michael Dorn) of the popular Star Trek: Next Generation® and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® series, these audio learning lessons introduce students of interplanetary language and culture to the nuances of Klingon as spoken by creator Marc Okrand.

In addition to an entertaining tour of Klingon society and customs, users can view flashcards in conjunction with the lesson. Amuse your Vulcan friends and confound your Romulan adversaries by discussing your strategy for world dominance in Klingon! Learn More »