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7.1.12 for Mac - 10 day free trial
6.1 for Palm OS - 10 day free trial
System Requirements
  • Intel-based Mac (will not work with PowerPC-based Macs)
  • 256 MB RAM
  • OS X 10.5+
  • 30 MB Free Disk Space
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 4.1+
  • 30 MB Free Disk Space
Norwegian-English Dictionary
Norwegian-English Dictionary for Mac


Ultralingua’s Norwegian-English Translation Dictionary includes all the English and Norwegian reference tools you need in a single place. Keep Ultralingua on hand while you’re writing, reading, memorizing vocabulary, and studying Norwegian and English grammar, and you’ll always have the word you want.

  • Search results in the dictionary, verb book, and number tool are displayed instantly and they narrow as you type, so you don’t need to know precise spelling to find what you are looking for.
  • When you find an English or Norwegian word you want to remember, you can send it to your flashcard deck to customize and review later.
  • The entire app is offline, so your flashcards, dictionary, verb conjugations, grammar guide, and more are always available whether or not you have an internet connection.

An English grammar guide and Norwegian verb table are built into the Norwegian-English Translation Dictionary for Mac so most grammar and usage rules are only a click away. English conjugations for thousands of verbs are also built into the app. Full verb conjugations in Norwegian are not yet available.

Download the 10-day free trial to get temporary access to thousands of verb conjugations, definitions, the flashcard builder, and more.

Norwegian-English Dictionary for Palm

Palm OS

Palm OS apps contain our most popular Ultralingua tools:

  • Norwegian-English translation dictionary.
  • Conjugations for thousands of English verbs.
  • Translation of numbers into Norwegian and English text.
  • Smart search that recognizes forms of Norwegian and English verbs and suggests the infinitive in your results.

Your Norwegian-English dictionary for Palm OS can include inflected forms in your search results. Search for any form of a verb and the Norwegian-English dictionary will suggest the infinitive form as an option among your results. Verb conjugation in Norwegian is not yet available.

This Norwegian-English app is compatible with Palm OS models like Palm Treo, Tungsten, and Zire.

Ultralingua English-Norwegian Dictionary Product Summary

About the Dictionary

No matter which version of our Norwegian-English dictionary software you choose, you’ll have access to the same exhaustive dictionary data. This Norwegian-English translation dictionary includes reliable features and content:

  • 70,000 entries with 270,000 translations
  • IPA pronunciation for many English words
  • Parts of speech
  • Norwegian noun genders
  • Geographic vocabulary and other proper nouns
  • Example phrases, idioms, and expressions
  • Hundreds of grammar and usage explanation notes

Ultralingua does not yet provide verb conjugation in Norwegian. English verb conjugation is available for thousands of regular and irregular verbs into twelve standard tenses. You’ll always find the English conjugation you need.