Portuguese Language Products


Portuguese has been known as the “sweet language,” since being referred to as such by famous Spanish literary figures Miguel de Cervantes and Lope de Vega.

You’ll feel confident communicating with over 200 million Portuguese speakers worldwide with the help of the five bilingual dictionary resources below. Use these dictionaries as learning resources or travel companions, and have access to thousands of definitions and translations.


Portuguese-English Dictionary

Portuguese-English Dictionary by Ultralingua

This Portuguese-English dictionary includes over 165,000 detailed definitions for about 60,000 headwords. Learn More »
Collins Portuguese-English Product

Portuguese-English Collins Pro Dictionary

Easily search over 75,000 Portuguese-English definitions for about 45,000 headwords using high-performance Ultralingua features. Learn More »
Dictionary French-Portuguese Ultralingua

French-Portuguese Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-Portuguese dictionary includes over 245,000 detailed definitions for about 49,000 headwords. Learn More »
Italian-Portuguese Dictionary by Ultralingua

Italian-Portuguese Dictionary by Ultralingua

This Italian-Portuguese dictionary includes over 244,000 detailed definitions for about 50,000 headwords. Learn More »
Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary Product

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary by Ultralingua

This Spanish-Portuguese dictionary includes over 85,000 detailed definitions for about 40,000 headwords. Learn More »