Spanish Language Products


With Spanish bilingual dictionaries that include the English, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese languages, and a Spanish Medical dictionary, look no further for your educational and professional Spanish translation needs.

These apps provide access to thousands of word entries and translations, verb conjugations, usage explanations, and example expressions to assist you in more effective Spanish communication.


Spanish-English Dictionary

Spanish-English Dictionary by Ultralingua

This Spanish-English dictionary includes over 290,000 detailed definitions for about 75,000 headwords. Learn More »
Collins Spanish-English Dictionary Product

Spanish-English Collins Pro Dictionary

Easily search over 100,000 Spanish-English definitions for about 55,000 headwords using high-performance Ultralingua features. Learn More »
Spanish-English Medical Dictionary by Vox

Spanish-English Medical Dictionary by Vox

This Spanish-English Medical dictionary includes over 147,000 detailed definitions for about 77,000 medical entries. Learn More »
Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary

Spanish Comprehensive Dictionary by Vox

This complete Spanish dictionary and thesaurus includes over 112,000 detailed definitions for about 53,000 headwords. Learn More »
French-Spanish Dictionary Product

French-Spanish Dictionary by Ultralingua

This French-Spanish dictionary includes over 200,000 detailed definitions for about 65,000 headwords. Learn More »
Spanish-German Dictionary Product

Spanish-German Dictionary by Ultralingua

This German-Spanish dictionary includes over 255,000 detailed definitions for about 75,000 headwords. Learn More »
Spanish-Italian Dictionary by Ultralingua

Spanish-Italian Dictionary by Ultralingua

This Spanish-Italian dictionary includes over 215,000 detailed definitions for about 50,000 headwords. Learn More »
Spanish-Italian Essential Dictionary by Vox

Spanish-Italian Essential Dictionary by Vox

This Spanish-Italian dictionary from Vox includes over 60,000 basic translations for about 28,000 headwords. Learn More »
Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary Product

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary by Ultralingua

This Spanish-Portuguese dictionary includes over 85,000 detailed definitions for about 40,000 headwords. Learn More »

Special Offers

Spanish-English Dictionary Pack

Spanish-English Dictionary Pack

Get three of Ultralingua’s best selling dictionaries for the price of two! This Spanish-English Dictionary Pack includes the English Dictionary of Definitions, Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary, and the Spanish-English Dictionary. This pack offers complete definitions for every translation. Learn more »