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How do I install additional dictionaries?

If you already have Ultralingua installed on your computer or mobile device you can easily add language modules. Look under the File Menu headings at the top of the Ultralingua window and select "Download Additional Dictionaries" (Windows v7.x) or "More Dictionaries" (Mac). This option is available for most handheld devices, except iPhone and iPad.

I'm having trouble with my iPhone or iPad installation. What can I do?

If you're having trouble with iPhone or iPad installation, please refer to this support link from Apple for assistance.

I received a message indicating no dictionaries are installed.

You may be seeing this message because the contents or copies of your Ultralingua files were moved. If you download multiple copies of our software, you may end up with versions that don’t include all of your dictionaries, and the operating system may not know which version to launch. You must not move the contents of the Ultralingua folder in the \Applications directory; otherwise, Ultralingua may not be able to find various files.

To resolve the issue, you should delete all but the most recent copy of Ultralingua, and make sure that all your dictionary databases (including personal additions files) are located in the Ultralingua/dictionaries folder.

Having multiple copies on your disk may also mean your aliases or Dock icon will launch the wrong version. If this is the case, delete the alias or icon and make a new one from the application in the Ultralingua folder.


How to update Ultralingua for Mac OS X to the latest version?

If you purchased Ultralingua for Mac from our website, you can check for updates by choosing Check for Updates from the Ultralingua menu. If updates are available you can then download them automatically.

If you purchased Ultralingua from the Mac App Store, you can check for updates by visiting the Mac App Store app and clicking the "Updates" tab. If updates are available, they will display here automatically.

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