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Ultralingua & Collins Dictionaries

We offer both Ultralingua and Collins branded dictionaries. Ultralingua titles offer thorough references with indications of context and usage; Collins titles offer premium content with even more richly edited entries. You can also mix Collins and Ultralingua titles in the same interface. See prices

Vox Dictionaries

Vox dictionaries provide both European and Latin American Spanish entries, eliminating the confusion caused by words with different meanings in each country. This Vox dictionary comes complete with all the functionality of Ultralingua including flashcards, verb conjugation, number translation, and more.

Vox Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary

Vox Spanish-English Medical Dictionary

Vox Essential Spanish-Italian Dictionary

Collins Dictionaries

Collins Pro dictionaries from HarperCollins are feature-rich resources. They are exhaustive databases, including slang, technical language, and both UK and US spellings. The Pro-level dictionary software, developed and distributed by Ultralingua, represents the cutting edge in dictionary data and software.

Collins Pro English Dictionary

Collins Pro Spanish-English Dictionary

Collins Pro German-English Dictionary

Collins Pro Italian-English Dictionary

Collins Pro Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary

Collins Pro Portuguese-English Dictionary

Collins Pro Russian-English Dictionary

Ultralingua Dictionaries

For over a decade, Ultralingua has been a market leader in language software for educators, translators, and travelers worldwide. Our products include dictionaries, grammar and spelling checkers, and semantic search technology.

Ultralingua English Dictionary

Ultralingua English Thesaurus

Ultralingua French Dictionary

Ultralingua French Thesaurus

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary

Ultralingua French-English Medical Dictionary

Ultralingua Spanish-English Dictionary

Ultralingua German-English Dictionary

Ultralingua Italian-English Dictionary

Ultralingua Portuguese-English Dictionary

Ultralingua Latin-English Dictionary

Ultralingua French-Spanish Dictionary

Ultralingua French-Italian Dictionary

Ultralingua French-German Dictionary

Ultralingua Spanish-German Dictionary

Ultralingua Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary

Ultralingua French-Portuguese Dictionary

Ultralingua German-Italian Dictionary

Ultralingua Italian-Portuguese Dictionary

Ultralingua Spanish-Italian Dictionary

Ultralingua Norwegian-English Dictionary

Ultralingua Esperanto-English Dictionary

Ultralingua Klingon-English Dictionary