Word for Word
a word association game for iPad

System Requirements
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini.
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Product Word for Word: Word association game.

Enjoy your morning crossword puzzle? Then you're going to love Word for Word, our compulsively playable new word association game.

This game will suck you in, and your friends and family with you. Perfect for a plane ride, a coffee break, around the dinner table, or sitting by yourself in the evening. Puzzles range from quick and easy to extra-clever challenges crafted by our New York Times crossword contributor.

Your brain loves making connections. Word for Word is just the therapy it needs!

Word association game for iPhone and iPad

Meet the doctor

Dr. O'Babel, your friendly psychoanalyst, plans to treat you via his specialty: word association therapy. He starts you out with a carefully chosen word or two and then challenges you to complete the session by guessing related words.

Keep following the associations to reveal unexpected connections, surprise themes, jokes, puns, and more.

Word association game for iPhone and iPad

Unlimited Hints!

Stuck? Drag the lightbulb to any cloud to reveal a letter. After recharging for a few seconds, the lightbulb will be ready to serve again.

You can play it however you like — no hints at all if that's your style, or with unlimited hints to keep the ideas flowing.

Word association game for iPhone and iPad

NY Times Crossword contributor

Some of our most challenging puzzles were created by our good friend, New York Times crossword contributor David Liben-Nowell.

David's word puzzles have also been published in the New York Sun, the Penguin Classics Crossword Puzzles, and Games Magazine. The ones he made for us are full of puns, punchlines, and great surprises.

You're going to love them.

Word for Word Store

More puzzles

After trying out the free puzzle, you can get more from the in-app store. Buy packs of puzzle credits, and browse the puzzle list by difficulty, popularity, and author to choose exactly the puzzles for you.